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Testing the value of low-cost Structure-from-Motion (SfM) photogrammetry for metric and visual analysis of rock art
February 2018
Andrea Jalandoni, Inés Domingo, Paul S.C. Taçon

Coupling Focus Stacking with Photogrammetry to Illustrate Small Fossil Teeth
18 May 2017
Michael Santella, Andrew Milner

Tudor warship brought to life online via 3D modelling
07 Sepember 2016
Charlotte Ashley

Evaluating the Creation and Preservation Challenges of Photogrammetry-based 3D Models
19 May 2015
Michael J. Bennet

Computer Vision Photogrammetry for Underwater Archaeological Site Eecording in a Low-visibility Environment
April 2015
Thomas Van Damme

3D Recording of Underwater Antiquities in the South Euboean Gulf
16 April 2015
E. Diamanti, F. Vlachaki

Visions of Substance - 3D Imaging in Mediterranean Archaeology
January 2015
edited by Brandon R. Olson and William R. Caraher

Cómo Documentar un Cráneo Humano Mediante Fotogrametría
17 Septemer 2014
Pablo Aparicio Resco

From Gallipoli to Colintraive – Todd Ferguson of the ColGlen Archaeology Group reflects on the digital recording of a WW1 memorial
30 July 2014

From Photos to Models - Strategies for using digital photogrammetry in your project
Adam Barnes, Katie Simon, Adam Wiewel

State of the art in high density image matching
15 June 2014
Fabio Remondino, Maria Grazia Spera, Erica Nocerino, Fabio Menna and Francesco Nex

3D modelling of underwater archaeological artefacts
June 2014
Natalia Gawlik

New Opportunities in Digital Archaeology: The Use of Low-Cost Photogrammetry for 3D Documentation of Archaeological Objects from Banks Island, NWT
1 June 2014
Colleen Haukaas

Archaeological aerial thermography: a case study at the Chaco-era Blue J community, New Mexico
20 February 2014
Jesse Casana, John Kantner, Adam Wiewel, Jackson Cothren

The 4th-century B.C. shipwreck at Mazotos, Cyprus: New techniques and methodologies in the 3D mapping of shipwreck excavations
Stella Demesticha, Dimitrios Skarlatos, Andonis Neophytou

3D Archaeology. New Perspectives and Challenges - The Example of Çatalhöyük
4 February 2014
Maurizio Forte

ArchDoc 2013: dawn of the new photogrammetric age
26 December 2013
Bill Blake

Virtually There: Offsite georectified photogrammetric processing as onsite strategic excavation resource
Giles Spence Morrow, Paul R. Duffy, Lauren Tosti

Sauropod photogrammetry – oh WOW!
14 October 2013
Heinrich Mallison

Photogrammetric Techniques for 3-D Underwater Record of the Antique Time Ship from Phanagoria
2 September 2013
M.O. Zhukovsky, V.D. Kuznetsov, S.V. Olkhovsky

3D Surveying and Modeling of Archaeological Sites - Some Critical Issues
2 September 2013
S. Gonizzi Barsanti, F. Remondino, D. Visintini

What’s Next in Archaeology?
22 April 2013
Bill Caraher

Modern engagement with prehistoric rock art - Things I’ve learned
26 February 2013
Clíodhna Ní Lionáin

Integrating established methods and emerging technologies in a Medieval context
Maria Doriana De Padova

From 2D to 3D : a photogrammetric revolution in archaeology?
15 May 2012
Erik Kjellman

The deteriorating preservation of the Altai Rock art : assessing three-dimensional image-based modelling in rock art research and management
Gertjan Plets, Geert Verhoeven, Dimitry Cheremisin, Ruth Plets, Jean Bourgeois, Birger Stichelbaut, Wouter Gheyle and Jeroen De Reu

Computer vision-based orthophoto mapping of complex archaeological sites: the ancient quarry of Pitaranha (Portugal–Spain)
28 February 2012
G. Verhoeven, D. Taelman, F. Vermeulen

Three-dimensional recording of archaeological remains in the Altai Mountains
6 January 2012
Gertjan Plets, Wouter Gheyle, Geert Verhoeven, Jeroen De Reu, Jean Bourgeois, Jeroen Verhegge & Birger Stichelbaut

Taking computer vision aloft - Archaeological three-dimensional reconstructions from aerial photographs with PhotoScan
Geert Verhoeven

From deposit to point cloud – A study of low-cost computer vision approaches for the straightforward documentation of archaeological excavations
M. Doneus, G. Verhoeven, M. Fera, Ch. Briese, M. Kucera, W. Neubauer

3D Modelling with Agisoft PhotoScan — Tests to determine the suitability of Agisoft PhotoScan for archaeological recording
July 2010
Martin Roe

Cultural heritage

The XII century towers, a benchmark of the Rome countryside almost cancelled: The safeguard plan by low cost UAV and terrestrial DSM photogrammetry surveying and 3D web GIS applications
28 November 2017
L. Barelli, P. Paolini, G. Forti

Point clouds using NCTech iSTAR 360 HDR images
NCTech reality imaging systems

"Dolly Varden"
The Shipwreck Project

Immersive Photogrammetry in 3D Modelling
Karol Kwiatek, Regina Tokarczyk

Modeling and accuracy assessment for 3D-virtual reconstruction in cultural heritage using low-cost photogrammetry: Surveying of the "Santa María Azogue" church's front
February 2015
Robleda Prieto G., Pérez Ramos A.

3D virtualization by close range photogrammetry indoor gothic church apses. The case study of church of San Francisco in Betanzos (La Coruña, Spain)
February 2015
A. Pérez Ramos, G. Robleda Prieto

Reverse Engineering Using Close Range Photogrammetry for Additive Manufactured Reproduction of Egyptian Artifacts and Other Objets d'art
January 2015
John Kaufman, Morag Clement and Allan EW Rennie

Building 3D models with Digital Photographs
Kyle Hunter

Practical 3D photogrammetry for the conservation and documentation of Cultural Heritage
Michael Waas, David Zell

Photogrammetric Applications of Immersive Video Cameras
June 2014
K. Kwiatek, R. Tokarczyk

Upgrade of Agisoft Photoscan
13 February 2014
James Miles

New software and technologies applied to documentation and communication of Cultural Heritage
Filippo Diara

Aplicații Practice în Fotogrammetria Digitală
2013 Clara - Beatrice Vîlceanu

Image based scanning for buildings recording. Experiments in three scales.
8 December 2012

La Modellazione di una Lapide Sepolcrale Attraverso Tecniche Low-Cost Range ed Image Based
Dante Abate


Use of Close-range Photogrammetry in Forensic Science
2 July 2015
Z. Svatý

Tecniche di Computer Vision per la ricostruzione degli incidenti stradali
19 May 2015
Andrea Del Cesta, Francesco Del Cesta

Testing photogrammetry-based techniques for three-dimensional surface documentation in forensic pathology
25 March 2015
Petra Urbanová, Petr Hejnab, Mikoláš Jurda


An automated device for the digitization and 3D modelling of insects, combining extended-depth-of-field and all-side multi-view imaging
Bernhard Ströbel, Sebastian Schmelzle, Nico Blüthgen, Michael Heethoff

Full head and body scanning

Subject-specific body segment parameter estimation using 3D photogrammetry with multiple cameras
10 March 2015
Kathrin E. Peyer, Mark Morris, William I. Sellers

How to process a scan with projection
07 March 2015

Sketchtalk: AVATTA
10 December 2014

MEMEX | Duologue – 3D study of mortality using photogrammetry techniques
02 September 2014
Filip Visnjic

Single Camera Head Scanning with Agisoft PhotoScan
April 2014
Jeffrey Ian Wilson

Building your own 3D scanner out of off-the-shelf parts
27 February 2014
artanim - The moving foundation

The Art of Photogrammetry: Introduction to Software and Hardware
11 February 2014
Brandon Blizard @

Delivering Aligned and Scaled PhotoScan Outputs
02 April 2013
Lee Perry-Smith (Infinite Realities)

How to: Full Body scanning
24 January 2013
Mark Florquin

Topography and mapping

3D Mapping river ice using drones and structure from motion
Knut Alfredsen, Christian Haas, Jeffrey A. Tuhtan, Peggy Zinke

3-D uncertainty-based topographic change detection with structure-from-motion: precision maps for ground control and directly georeferenced surveys
Mike R. James, Stuart Robson, Mark W. Smith

Optimising UAV topographic surveys processed with structure-from-motion photogrammetry: Ground control quality, quantity and bundle adjustment
Mike R. James, Stuart Robson, Sebastian d’Oleire-Oltmanns, Uwe Niethammer

Rapid 3D Modeling Using Photogrammetry Applied to Google Earth
Jorge Chen, Keith C. Clarke

Cost-effective non-metric photogrammetry from consumer-grade sUAS: implications for direct georeferencing of structure from motion photogrammetry
Patrice E. Carbonneau, James T. Dietrich

Using Aerial Robotics and Virtual Reality to Inspect Earthquake Damage in Taiwan
7 February 2016

Ice-cored moraine degradation mapped and quantified using an unmanned aerial vehicle: a case study from a polythermal glacier in Svalbard
29 December 2015
T.N. Tonkin, N.G. Midgley, S.J. Cook, D.J. Graham

Jaime Carrera-Hernández

Topography, Aerial Photogrammetry, Bathymetry: Use of Different Aerial Equipment from UAV, Data Integration and Results Analysis
October 2015
Simona Alauria, Luca Amatori

Soil surface roughness quantification using DEM obtained from UAV photogrammetry
June 2015
Cezary Kazmierowski, Jakub Ceglarek, Slawomir Królewicz, Jerzy Cierniewski, Jaroslaw Jasiewicz, Michal Wyczalek

Modelling of Marine Icing with Close Range Photogrammetry
May 2015
Asbjørn Risholm Haukebø

Agisoft PhotoScan: Point Cloud accuracy in close range configuration
May 2015
Paul Koppel

UAV photogrammetry and structure from motion to assess calving dynamics at Store Glacier, a large outlet draining the Greenland ice sheet
January 2015
J. C. Ryan, A. L. Hubbard, J. E. Box, J. Todd, P. Christoffersen, J. R. Carr, T. O. Holt and N. Snooke

The potential of small unmanned aircraft systems and structure-from-motion for topographic surveys: A test of emerging integrated approaches at Cwm Idwal, North Wales
1 December 2014
T.N. Tonkin, N.G. Midgley, D.J. Graham, J.C. Labadz

Automation of Image Data Processing
20 November 2014
Ryszard Preuss

The Use of a Multirotor and High-resolution Imaging for Precision Horticulture in Chile: An Industry Perspective
July 2014
D. Wulfsohn, I. Zamora Lagos

A Comparison of Multi-view 3D Reconstruction of a Rock Wall Using Several Cameras and a Laser Scanner
June 2014
K. Thoeni, A. Giacomini, R. Murtagh, E. Kniest

Опыт использования БЛА при проведении практики студентов на «Заокском геополигоне» МИИГАиК
В.М. Курков, А.В. Смирнов, Д.П. Иноземцев

Full Campus Scan With Octo
04 February 2014
Stephen Gienow

Agisoft PhotoScan Pro 3D modeling Software Review
04 December 2013
Maps and GIS

Модель обработки аэрофотоснимков в среде Agisoft PhotoScan
Д.П. Иноземцев

Mapping Svalbard Glaciers with the Cryowing UAS
4 September 2013
S. Solbøa, R. Storvolda

UAV Photogrammetry: Block Triangulation Comparisons
4 September 2013
Rossana Gini, Diana Pagliari, Daniele Passoni, Livio Pinto, Giovanna Sona, Paolo Dosso

14 January 2011
H. de Melo e Silva, C. Brooks, R Dobson, J. Ebling, D. Evans, B. Hart, R. Oats, C. Roussi, K. Vaghefi

Art and design

Agisoft PhotoScan Review
22 May 2017
Nick Lievendag

Archival 3D-Imagery of Challenging Subjects
5 May 2016
Peter Fried, David Brown, Drew Harvell

Topografia – Fotogrammetria – Laser Scanner: Dal Progetto di Rilievo alla Elaborazione dei Dati
April 2016

CGPress: PhotoScan Review
11 May 2015
Nicolas Brunet

Creating Assets for the Open World Demo
03 April 2015
Harrison Moor

Visual Revolution of the Vanishing of Ethan Carter
25 March 2014
Andrzej Poznanski

A Sandstone Block Built from Lego, Blending Real Objects with 3D Prints
Greg Petchkovsky

Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser - Behind the Scenes
Platige Image

3D scanner... With a camera!
03 September 2012
Nicolas Brunet aka 1k0


DeepSurveyCam - A Deep Ocean Optical Mapping System
28 January 2016
Tom Kwasnitschka, Kevin Köser, Jan Sticklus, Marcel Rothenbeck, Tim Weiß, Emanuel Wenzlaff, Timm Schoening, Lars Triebe, Anja Steinführer, Colin Devey, Jens Greinert


Ultra-fine grain landscape-scale quantification of dryland vegetation structure with drone-acquired structure-from-motion photogrammetry
16 September 2016
Cunliffe A.M., Brazier R.E., Anderson K.

Aerial photography collected with a multirotor drone reveals impact of Eurasian beaver reintroduction on ecosystem structure
29 April 2015
Puttock A.K., Cunliffe A.M., Anderson K., Brazier R.E.

Integrating structure-from-motion photogrammetry with geospatial software as a novel technique for quantifying 3D ecological characteristics of coral reefs
7 July 2015
J. H. R. Burns, D. Delparte, R. D. Gates, M. Takabayashi

Utilizing Underwater Three-dimensional Modeling to Enhance Ecological and Biological Studies of Coral Reefs
16 April 2015
J. H. R. Burns, D. Delparte, R. D. Gates, M. Takabayashi

Carbon Dynamics of Anthropogenic Forest Use
25 March 2013
Christopher Dean