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Infinite Realities

Full body & face capture /

Infinite Realities provides 3D scanning services using a specially developed multi camera rig with 360 degree coverage. Agisoft PhotoScan is used as a primary processing solution.


Face capture /

The described technique was used to produce high quality head scans for Halo 4 Spartan Ops. Also full body scanning photogrammetry rig has been used for character scanning dedicated to War Thunder game.


Aerial Survey / Culture Heritage /

In June 2014 Geoscan company in cooperation with ITMO University performed aerial photo survey of the Naval Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Kronstadt using quadcopter UAV. About 750 images with 0.5 - 1.0 cm/pix resolution were taken for post-processing in PhotoScan.

Kronshtadt Naval Cathedral from GEOSCAN on Vimeo.

The Thistlegorm Project

Underwater Archaeology / Culture Heritage /

The S.S. Thistlegorm shipwreck lays under 32 m of water in the Red Sea, Egypt and is a very popular dive site. The Universities of Nottingham, Ain Shams and Alexandria have collaborated to digitally record the site in 3D through photogrammetry processes. International team also included Simon Brown from Deep3D ( - diver and photogrammetry expert, responsible for S.S. Thistlegorm 3D model generation in Agisoft PhotoScan. The accurate 3D models cover 28689 sq.m. of both the external and internal areas of wreck in detail. The project field works started in July 2017 and first results were introduced in beginning of October 2017, providing baseline survey materials for further monitoring of the site.

Wreck of the SS Thistlegorm from Simon Brown on Sketchfab.


Aerial Survey / Culture Heritage /

Aibotix GmbH applies combined mapping workflow to create 3D model of Castle Spangenberg (Germany) using data acquired with multirotor UAV Aibot X6 and ground surveying equipment post-processed with the help of Agisoft PhotoScan.


Full body capture /

SnapTank studio with the help of their partners performed high-resoluton detailed scans of ready-to-use "zombie" characters using photogrammetric 150+ camera rig and processed the raw data in PhotoScan:


Archaeology / Culture Heritage /

In September 2015, the restoration work on cubes XXI and XXII of the Roman Wall of Lugo began. In this work the company Imasgal generated three models reflecting the various stages of the work and archaeological excavation. With the work of photogrammetry and 3D laser scanning, 3 models with high-resolution textures, orthophotos, sections and elevations are generated.


Cultural Heritage /

Canon Mulet's Mausoleum restoration by CRBMC specialists (Violant Bonet and Albert Gaset): in order to properly document the whole process and given the complexity of the sculpture chunks, digital photogrammetry was performed to create an extremely accurate 3D model of each fragment in different specific formats. Finally, a visual representation of the whole model has been created, detailing the entire process of putting all the pieces back together.
This video is about photogrammetry process and final visualitzation tools.
Full animation.

Scan the World

Cultural Heritage /

Agisoft PhotoScan has been used as one of the processing solutions for Scan the World project. 7,500+ sculptures have been processed from photogrammetry scan data provided by a worldwide community of enthusiasts, artists and museums alike. The objects originate from both major institutions, like The Victoria and Albert Museum, The British Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and private collections.

MAWI United GmbH

3D Modelling / Design /

In the environment design by CG & VR Studio MAWI United Agisoft PhotoScan was used to produce 3D models of natural assets.

Diego Viegas

Advertising /

Work done for Nike using photogrammetry. The Nike logo and product designs belong to Nike™. This is a sample 3D scan of one of the complete shoes. Currently, around 20 shoe models have been scanned for the integration by parts parts in promotional and advertising audiovisuals.

Andrzej Poznanski

Game design /

Many objects, characters and scenes for The Vanishing of Ethan Carter game have been created using photogrammetry with the help of PhotoScan. The article reveals the scanning and processing techniques.

The Center for Wooden Boats

Cultural Heritage /

The Center for Wooden Boats led a year-long experiment to develop a new, low-cost method for using digital photogrammetry for long term monitoring of the condition of large objects and test the possibilities of this software to aid in documenting objects. The collection, storage, and care of large objects present ongoing challenges for museums of all sizes. Due to their size it is often necessary to store large objects in less than ideal collection storage conditions. Using six scenarios common to the storage of these objects that small museums or historical institutions would be likely to encounter, CWB staff, consultants, and volunteers began to collect a majority of the data to develop the process using digital photographs processed in Agisoft Photoscan. This method was used to create 3D models for the purpose of comparing changes in shape of an object over time, creating lines drawings of small craft, and documenting scaled complex objects not easily measured by hand. Furthermore, this method of building 3D models was compared to other technology available on the market (like stationary laser scanning (LiDAR) to test the quality of its results.


3D Modeling / Art /

Promotional video for _blankRepository, all 3D models featuring in the video are scans achieved through photogrammetry using the powerful features of Agisoft Photoscan.

Food Factory Breakdown from Blank Repository on Vimeo.

Greg Petchkovsky

Art /

In the project completed for the Make it Real challenge PhotoScan was used to scan surfaces of the real world objects to obtain a perfect fit of printed complementary parts.

Richard Green

Art /

In the art work PhotoScan was used to scan the cake surface in high resolution.

Platige Image - Cyberpunk 2077

Art /

Game teaser by Platige Image includes body and face capture scans performed by Infinite-Realities using 72 DLSR camera rig and processed in Agisoft PhotoScan.

Stephen Gienow

Aerial Survey /

Stephen Gienow has used PhotoScan to reconstruct 3D-model of UMBC campus from images acquired using a Mikrokopter Okto framed Arducopter with mounted Canon Powershot ELPH 520 camera. The entire area was divided into three missions. Each mission has been performed in a fully automatic mode on a 100 meters above ground level (to stay well above rooftop level but also well below 400 ft.) with 75% side overlap between photos.

MAIN UMBC Aerial Ecosynth Scan from Stephen Gienow on Sketchfab.

Skullmapping - Thinking out of the box

Art /

In the video produced by Skullmapping studio Agisoft PhotoScan was used to scan the character and landscape.

Flying Lotus - Tiny Tortures

Art /

In the video directed by David Lewandowski Agisoft PhotoScan was used to scan and texturize the "stump". PhotoScan was also used in other studio projects, like Friendly Fires - Hurting.

Noël en Alsace - Episode II

Art /

In the project produced for the Regional Tourism Committee of Alsace Agisoft PhotoScan was used to scan the character faces, buildings and environment.

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