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Feature Professional Edition Standard Edition  
Photogrammetric triangulation      
Dense point cloud: generation and editing      
3D model: generation and texturing      
Spherical panorama stitching      
Fisheye camera support      
Texture delighting      
Spherical and cylindrical camera support      
Dense point cloud: classification      
DEM: georeferenced DSM / DTM export      
Georeferenced orthomosaic export      
Orthomosaic seamline editing      
Markers / scale bars support      
Ground control points support      
Coded / non-coded targets auto detection      
Multispectral imagery processing      
NDVI and other vegetation indices calculation      
Hierarchical tiled model generation      
4D modeling for dynamic scenes      
Python scripting      
Network processing      
OS: Windows, Mac OS X, Debian/Ubuntu      
Floating Licenses