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  • Do I need special camera to take pictures for PhotoScan?

    Any digital central perspective camera can be used. However, to gain better reconstruction results it is important to use a quality camera with reasonable image resolution. Processing of the imagery taken with pushbroom cameras or moving cameras with slow rolling shutter is likely to result in poor outputs.

  • Do I need to arrange photos manually?

    No, you do not need to. PhotoScan automatically determines camera positions.

  • Can I georeference my model?

    Agisoft PhotoScan Professional edition is required for model georeferencing. You can georeference the models using either known locations of camera stations, or ground control points data.

  • How can I show the results of my work to friends or clients?

    You can export obtained 3D-model in one of the supported formats (e.g. PDF, 3DS, PLY and others) and send the exported model to anyone you wish. Alternatively, the models can be uploaded directly from PhotoScan to such 3D-model hostings like Sketchfab.

  • How to make Python script run automatically on starting PhotoScan Professional?

    You need to place Python script you wish to be performed on program start-up to the following folder:
    for Windows: C:/users/<user name>/AppData/Local/AgiSoft/PhotoScan Pro/scripts/
    for Linux: /home/<user>/.local/share/data/Agisoft/PhotoScan Pro/scripts/
    for Mac OS: /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Agisoft/PhotoScan Pro/scripts/

  • Is it possible to run PhotoScan headless from command-line?

    It is possible to run Python scripts for PhotoScan Professional from the command line using "-r" argument and passing path to the script as another argument.

  • Can I use this software to scan people?

    Yes, you can. But please note that scanning people is quite a tricky task and requires multiple camera rig in order to avoid any unwanted effects caused by the fact that the object is not static (breathing, etc should be taken into account). Please also refer to the corresponding section of the Forum for additional information and user experience.