Support Tutorials

Intermediate level

Building Reconstruction

This tutorial describes how to create a model of a building with Agisoft PhotoScan, workflow being illustrated with an XVIIIth century mansion reconstruction.

Dense Cloud Classification & DTM Generation

This tutorial illustrates how to use automatic and manual dense cloud classification instruments for DTM generation in Agisoft PhotoScan Pro.

Mesh-based Area & Volume Measurements

This tutorial explains how to employ Agisoft PhotoScan Pro as a measuring tool based on mesh models.

Coded Targets & Scale Bars

This tutorial illustrates the use of coded targets and scale bars in Agisoft PhotoScan Pro.

Spherical Panoramas Generation

This tutorial shows how spherical panoramas can be generated using Agisoft PhotoScan for images taken from the same point.

3D Model Reconstruction

This tutorial teaches you how to generate a 3D model of an object with Agisoft PhotoScan using amateur level photographs set only.