Paleoindian ochre mines in the submerged caves of the Yucatán Peninsula, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Brandi L. MacDonald, James C. Chatters, Eduard G. Reinhardt, Fred Devos, Sam Meacham, Dominique Rissolo, Barry Rock, Chris Le Maillot, David Stalla, Marc D. Marino, Eric Lo, Pilar Luna Erreguerena

3 July 2020

A New Aerial Photogrammetric Survey Method for Recording Inaccessible Rock Art

Stephen Berquist, Giles Spence-Morrow, Felipe Gonzales-MacQueen, Branden Rizzuto, Willy Yepez Alvarez, Stefanie Bautista, Justin Jennings


Tudor warship brought to life online via 3D modelling

Charlotte Ashley

07 Sepember 2016

Digital Survey Techniques for the Documentation of Wooden Shipwrecks

Elisa Costa, Carlo Beltrame, Paolo Vernier, Сaterina Balletti, Francesco Guerra


Photogrammetry: From Field Recording to Museum Presentation (Timiryazevo Burial Site, Western Siberia)

Olga Zaitceva, Mikhail Vavulin, Andrey Pushkarev, Evgeny Vodyasov


Supercomputing at the Trench Edge: Expediting Image Based 3D Recoding (CAA 2016 proceedings, pp.207-217)

David Stott, Matteo Pilati, Carsten Meinertz Risager, Jens-Bjørn Riis Andresen

03 April 2016

Visions of Substance - 3D Imaging in Mediterranean Archaeology

edited by Brandon R. Olson and William R. Caraher

January 2015

Cómo Documentar un Cráneo Humano Mediante Fotogrametría

Pablo Aparicio Resco

17 Septemer 2014

State of the art in high density image matching

Fabio Remondino, Maria Grazia Spera, Erica Nocerino, Fabio Menna and Francesco Nex

15 June 2014

Archaeological aerial thermography: a case study at the Chaco-era Blue J community, New Mexico

Jesse Casana, John Kantner, Adam Wiewel, Jackson Cothren

20 February 2014

Sauropod photogrammetry – oh WOW!

Heinrich Mallison

14 October 2013

Photogrammetric Techniques for 3-D Underwater Record of the Antique Time Ship from Phanagoria

M.O. Zhukovsky, V.D. Kuznetsov, S.V. Olkhovsky

2 September 2013

3D Surveying and Modeling of Archaeological Sites - Some Critical Issues

S. Gonizzi Barsanti, F. Remondino, D. Visintini

2 September 2013

What’s Next in Archaeology?

Bill Caraher

22 April 2013

The deteriorating preservation of the Altai Rock art : assessing three-dimensional image-based modelling in rock art research and management

Gertjan Plets, Geert Verhoeven, Dimitry Cheremisin, Ruth Plets, Jean Bourgeois, Birger Stichelbaut, Wouter Gheyle and Jeroen De Reu


Three-dimensional recording of archaeological remains in the Altai Mountains

Gertjan Plets, Wouter Gheyle, Geert Verhoeven, Jeroen De Reu, Jean Bourgeois, Jeroen Verhegge & Birger Stichelbaut

6 January 2012