DeepSurveyCam - A Deep Ocean Optical Mapping System

Tom Kwasnitschka, Kevin Köser, Jan Sticklus, Marcel Rothenbeck, Tim Weiß, Emanuel Wenzlaff, Timm Schoening, Lars Triebe, Anja Steinführer, Colin Devey, Jens Greinert

28 January 2016

The New World of 3D Geologic Mapping

Terry L. Pavlis, Kelsey A. Mason

12 January 2017

Digital 3D Rocks: A Collaborative Benchmark for Learning Rocks Recognition

Adrián Riquelme, Miguel Cano, Roberto Tomás, Luis Jordá, José Luis Pastor, David Benavente

14 May 2019

Digital landform reconstruction using old and recent open access digital aerial photos

Adrián Riquelme, Matteo Del Soldato, Roberto Tomás, Miguel Cano, Luis Jordá Bordehore, Sandro Moretti

14 January 2019