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3D Mapping river ice using drones and structure from motion

Knut Alfredsen, Christian Haas, Jeffrey A. Tuhtan, Peggy Zinke


Jaime Carrera-Hernández

Soil surface roughness quantification using DEM obtained from UAV photogrammetry

Cezary Kazmierowski, Jakub Ceglarek, Slawomir Królewicz, Jerzy Cierniewski, Jaroslaw Jasiewicz, Michal Wyczalek
June 2015

Modelling of Marine Icing with Close Range Photogrammetry

Asbjørn Risholm Haukebø
May 2015

UAV photogrammetry and structure from motion to assess calving dynamics at Store Glacier, a large outlet draining the Greenland ice sheet

J. C. Ryan, A. L. Hubbard, J. E. Box, J. Todd, P. Christoffersen, J. R. Carr, T. O. Holt and N. Snooke
January 2015

Automation of Image Data Processing

Ryszard Preuss
20 November 2014

Full Campus Scan With Octo

Stephen Gienow
04 February 2014

Agisoft PhotoScan Pro 3D modeling Software Review

Maps and GIS
04 December 2013

Mapping Svalbard Glaciers with the Cryowing UAS

S. Solbøa, R. Storvolda
4 September 2013

UAV Photogrammetry: Block Triangulation Comparisons

Rossana Gini, Diana Pagliari, Daniele Passoni, Livio Pinto, Giovanna Sona, Paolo Dosso
4 September 2013


H. de Melo e Silva, C. Brooks, R Dobson, J. Ebling, D. Evans, B. Hart, R. Oats, C. Roussi, K. Vaghefi
14 January 2011