Global Models

EGM96 15' geoid model (EPSG::5171)
TIFF (3.3 MB), included with Agisoft Metashape

Installation Instructions

Geoids are supported in Metashape Professional edition only.

01 / Download geoid file.

02 / Copy downloaded file into geoids folder in Metashape Professional installation directory.

03 / Restart Agisoft Metashape Professional.

North American Vertical Datum 1988

Canadian Geoid Models

These files are converted from the data provided by Natural Resources Canada. Source data is copyright Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada.

Australian Height Datum

British Geoid Models

Danish Vertical Reference 1990

Norway Geoid Models

Swedish Geoid Models

Finnish Geoid Models

French Geoid Models

Portuguese Geoid

GeodPT08 geoid model
TIFF (0.1 MB)

Slovenian Geoid

SLOG2000 geoid model
TIFF (0.02 MB)

New Zealand Geoid Models