Photogrammetry in the Cloud

Agisoft Cloud platform provides services to seamlessly process Metashape Professional projects on cloud infrastructure with further options to inspect, annotate and measure processing results in a web browser

Performance and Flexibility

Benefit from cloud computing while keeping the workflow flexibility of Metashape

Scale as Needed

Process in parallel as many projects as needed whenever needed

Analyze & Share results

Easy access to full featured platform
Visualize, measure and annotate the project right in the web browser from any device
Smooth integration into existing workflows
Export annotations and measurements for post-processing in common GIS/CAD applications
Seamless collaboration
Ensure seamless collaboration with clients and colleagues by sharing results via link or securely inviting designated people to the project
Online presentations
Present projects by integrating their visualizations into personal, corporate, or third party websites


The service is offered under a subscription model for storage space, with processing hours being charged on per minute basis. Flexible subscriptions include a limited free plan (20 processing hours free of charge) for trial and educational use and scalable commercial plan for your professional projects. Learn more about Agisoft Cloud service in the Agisoft Cloud section of our knowledge base.

Non-Comercial Plan

Free storage: 50 GB
Free processing hours: 20 hr per month

Comercial Plan

Storage: from 100 GB / $10 per month
Processing hour: 1 hr / $5

Try now for free

Agisoft Cloud is available for Metashape Professional edition license owners only, Educational and Trial licenses included
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