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Title: GPU not listed under OpenCL devices
Post by: kpauly on June 27, 2012, 04:42:21 PM

I realize this is a computer specific issue and not a Photoscan bug, but after discussing this elaborately with Alexey and not having solved the issue, I'd like to ask some more opinions:

I have a Dell Precision M4600 mobile workstation with i7-2860QM (running Windows 7 64bit), 16GB RAM and Nvidia Quadro2000M ( When I first started using this laptop in February and installed Photoscan (0.8.4 at that time), it recognized and listed the GPU under OpenCL devices (2GB RAM). However, after I have done a clean install of Windows after a hardware issue in my laptop in March, Photoscan still recognizes the GPU but doesn't list it under OpenCL devices anymore. Not in 0.8.5, not in 0.8.4, not in 64 or 32 bit installations. In the console window, I can see the following at startup in 0.8.5 64 bit:

OpenGL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL Renderer: Quadro 2000M/PCIe/SSE2
OpenGL Version: 4.2.0
Maximum Texture Size: 16384
Quad Buffered Stereo: not supported
ARB_vertex_buffer_object: supported
ARB_texture_non_power_of_two: supported

I currently have the most recent driver installed (296.88 from 13 June) but the problem persists (I have not been able to find the driver which was installed on my system back in February when it still worked, but it is hard to imagine that later drivers support less functionality).
Attached are screenshots from GPU caps viewer.

This issue is not critical for me, but sometimes frustrating. Can anyone offer some insight or suggestions on how to solve it?

Title: Re: GPU not listed under OpenCL devices
Post by: Wishgranter on June 28, 2012, 12:53:42 AM
Im get thi sproblem too, afther installing drivers for my Motheboard from AMD, installed driver for AMD CPUs with support for CPU OpenCL and im get this problem. uninstalled the AMD CPU OpenCL driver and it work again afther that...

Try reinstall drivers for motheboard AND GPU, or if it fail then reinstall one more time, just plain Win7 without connection to NEW drivers, then install Pscan, test if it work, if YES, try install new drivers, and retest. will be hard to determine what drivers caused it. It depend ( what im get Kronos forum ) how the app accces the GPU..... it could be with the INTEL CPU OpenCL drivers, but not sure if is this the fall, dont know when the drivers are installed.....

Or, just UNinstall Quadro ddrivers, reboot, and instal again......

Title: Re: GPU not listed under OpenCL devices
Post by: Wishgranter on July 01, 2012, 03:07:30 PM
hmm get this promlem now, have used my backup HDD with Win7 adn get no OpenCl device, even with the new drivers. will try few thing what it can cause....