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Title: Direct use of already oriented cameras
Post by: adrien_gbx on June 23, 2016, 02:58:59 PM
Dear phootoscan users,

We are working on already oriented camera's (camera ID , X, Y, Z, Omega, phi, kappa). We also have got calibration information (focal length and pixel size). We use vexcel camera, with very low distortion. Our project is based on aerial imagery. We re-use an aerial survey which was initially acquired for orthophoto coverage.

Currently, we leverage the orientation information with the import tool in the 'reference' toolbar. Photoscan re-compute new orientation and as far as i know, PS does not use the omega phi kappa information.

We would like to keep the provided camera orientation 'as it is' to run the entire photogrammetric process.

Since PS is now 1.2 , somebody knows a work-around to proceed ?