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Title: Looking for a consultant
Post by: Johnny M on August 18, 2017, 05:51:06 PM
Hi folks,

I am located in NYC. I have been looking to make a scanning rig that is portable that can be set up at horse shows and dog shows to scan animals. The system needs to be fast and easy enough that someone with limited photography experience can set up the system and calibrate it. I am hoping that there would be numerous units all around the USA. The people taking the raw images would upload the data to a processing center that will  do all of the processing. I know what I want, I'm just not sure how to do it.

If you think that you have a solution, please contact me.

John Mastoloni
Title: Re: Looking for a consultant
Post by: ottokar on September 24, 2017, 11:11:44 PM
 could it be possible that you have no practical experience of doing any photogrammetry yourself yet?

 I mean, some difficulties I can think of off the top of my head are ...

1 the first customer comes along with a chihuahua, the next with a horse - what kind of setup could cope with that disparity in size?

2 hair and fur are so difficult to scan well - have you tried anything at all to get a feel for just how difficult it is?

3 what if a horse gets scared by the camera flash, or the noise of the shutters and bolts off, knocking over and trampling over your cameras?

 I could be wrong but if you haven't actually tried any photogrammetry yet, just do some small experiments to get a feel for what is currently possible and what isn't.

 The theory looks fine - be prepared to spend X on lots of cameras, and then this will be your magic money-generating machine, no skill needed, just press the button - but in practice there are lots of ways in which photogrammetry falls short of neat and tidy expectations,

Title: Re: Looking for a consultant
Post by: Carver on February 17, 2018, 06:35:14 PM
If you are looking to do an entire horse. there are many guaranteed problems. An unlimited budget can overcome anything, but if that is not your case you are going to have to wait a short while until the current processes and equipment progress. I have done lifesize cattle and horses for over 10 years and have a decade of photogrammetry under my belt. Among other things I produce full and heroic size patterns for art  foundries, custom substrates for saddle makers as well as mold patterns for rotomilding retail products.

If you are just doing backs for custom saddles for fitting, it is quite doable, but not something you will franchise out to newbies. There is an undeniable learning process to collecting new data for photogrammetry and many , many ways, quite innocently,  to make your photos useless.  I use a patterned blanket of silk with targets at all my key points on the horses back to lock down the surface. I have an overridding reference 3d target in frame for scaling. Do notvuse flashes on horses for several reasons.

Ther best answerf or a full horse is simple commission a qualified scultpor with a history or focus on your sibject group.

My website is off air until end of march or mid april 2018, but you can see some completed examples/suggestions there  when I finish my current commission.

Best of luck, Phill