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Title: Using Dji Gimbal angles.
Post by: JMR on June 19, 2018, 04:49:15 PM
This an old issue but not fully understood by me.
the topic included some useful code to list gimbal angles and aircraft angles as well. By using it, one can notice that none of them correspond to what one could wish (something close to the estimated angles after a successful alignment with ground control)

Extracting angles from XMP data by means of the built-in funciton will lead user to wrong input data because it imports the so called flight angles rather than the gimbal ones... so it is useless. But even if it had read the right metadata, one would find that when camera is looking nadir, the gimbal pitch is stored as -90.0 while if used agisoft's convention it should be something close to 0 degrees. So it is likely DJI uses NED (north-east-down, typical for aerial vehicles) rather than ENU (east-north-up) convention.

Alexey: could you please modify the "read xmp" function so that when reading camera angles from dji, it can pick the right entries and convert them to the same convention used in photoscan?, if you do not consider this modification to be a good idea at all, could you please modify the py code in the related post so it can work as desired and filled photo angles to the ref pane?
Thank you!
Title: Re: Using Dji Gimbal angles.
Post by: Alexey Pasumansky on July 09, 2018, 12:35:55 PM
Hello JMR,

Please check the version 1.4.3:

Now PhotoScan should be loading the gimbal angles to the Reference pane, if this information in available in the XMP.
Title: Re: Using Dji Gimbal angles.
Post by: JMR on July 11, 2018, 08:24:39 PM
Great thanks for listening us! Alexey