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Hello everyone,

We would like to invest in a new work station mainly for the use of Photoscan Pro. Most of the time we are working with picture sets of around 120 images and a quality of 16mpx.

I found a lot of useful information which brings me to some conclusions and a lot of questions.

In the forum it is often mentioned that a Geforce GTX 780 is not inferior towards its titan counterpart. Is this still true; or will this be still be true for future versions of Agisoft?

Xeon processors are described to not have a big  advantage over the i7 series. But, in the new Photoscan Pro requirements section Dual Xeon Workstations are lisited as High-End solution.
What investment would be more future oriented Intel Core i7 5960X, 3.0 GHz, Eight Core or 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2640V3, 8 Cores?

Last but not least, is information available about DDR3 towards DDR4 performance?

Thanks everyone for your input,

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