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Hello again

I finally had a chance to do this, but i got stuck at the import the geoid.

I created a grid of points with both meta-shape and Gridinquest and subtracted the height values that gives a gird of differences.

put that into global-mapper gives a lovely looking picture but when i export a goetiff or .grd file fails to be accepted by metashape

Im not sure if theres something wrong with the file or the format or both??

Bug Reports / Re: metashape vs photoscan coordinates systems
« on: May 28, 2019, 10:46:23 AM »
It must be something weird in the install, some file or registry entry  that hangs around after a uninstall and messes up the coordinates

Bug Reports / Re: metashape vs photoscan coordinates systems
« on: May 27, 2019, 07:28:24 PM »
I have tried to manual any register entries, as discussed here
but again after a reinstall there is an error in the coordinates
recreating the ITM+MalinHead Datum causes the same error in easting and northing as without the custom datum, the error in easting northing is not portionally to each other

Bug Reports / Re: metashape vs photoscan coordinates systems
« on: May 27, 2019, 05:59:11 PM »
I have tried uninstalling metashape, reinstalling photoscan, and i get the same error

also the fresh install of photoscan still has the custom cs in its listing, so some file where not removed

in tried downloading a register-cleaner and searched through the user folder for agisoft files and delete them all, uninstall everthing again, what i think is a totally clean system.

i install metashape and again the custom Cs is in the listing, so i failed to remove  all the old files

Can someone tell me where the files for installed custom CS are kept, are there more places where file files would linger after uninstalling the metashape
I have to reprocess a project that quite urgent and this error is really starting to stress me out!

Bug Reports / Re: Shift in ortho image during export
« on: May 27, 2019, 03:03:22 PM »
Does anyone have anything further on this? The silence is deafening.

As i a newbee here, this might not be an answer but have you checked that the export coordinate system is identacal to the one used to generation, that tha datumare the same

Bug Reports / metashape vs photoscan coordinates systems
« on: May 27, 2019, 12:26:22 PM »
hello all

previously when transforming fro WSG84 to Irenet95 ITM the results where exactly correct compared to the official transformation tool provided by OSI

Since the update to meta-shape 1.5.2 there is an error in the easting northing after translating

I originally thought is was an error with the addition of the custom datum, malin head, but this has been resolved and is not the cause, that link is here

I may be related to the issue here, possibly

So you would need geoid file giving difference between elipsoidal ht referrred to 1965 datum and geoid....

Yes i see this now, while trying different combination the heights for the supplied itm and irish grid are different, whereas the gridinquest application give the same heights, so i had come to this idea

So currently the undulation grid paulo provided for ITM corrections is the difference between the IRENET95 geodectic datum/ the Ellipsoid GRS 1980 and the Malin Head Vertical Datum
And to make the same work for Irish Grid i need to make a .gri/.grd file for the difference between the TM65 geodectic Datum/ the Ellipsoid Airy Modified 1849 and the Malin Head vertical Datum

if i understnad correctly?


Code: [Select]
47_EP-11-31756_0022_0107.JPG 621513.954020 666505.171191 208.568732

So I'm double checking this and cheked the same photo
here are mi results, slightly different than yours
Code: [Select]
47_EP-11-31756_0022_0107 621513.9718114218 666505.21073729824 208.56900652348543
As i move away from the central meridan thing get worse
In the west of the country the error grows to, 470127.308062 835225.845397 128.810508 from photoscan, 470127.315490,835225.795441,128.810718

Whats interesting is that the standard coordinate systems seem to give the error too
maybe this is a bug?

so i was trying to mimic the same process for irishgrid and i am getting results that are off 50 in elevation, i used the same tiff that paulo so kindly provded or the itm transormation, as there in not change in heights. also getting a small error the the position, but i imaging this is because of the height error.

it was a single photo way down the list that had null lat long, silly me

Hello, after a update form photoscan 1.4.4 to metashape 1.5.2, the custom transormation datum not longer works, i get an error saying vertical datum out of range.

I went through all the steps of this walkthrough again and still got the same error. has something change in how to accomplish this??

General / Re: Help creating a .prj file for Local Mine Grid
« on: May 17, 2019, 01:04:01 PM »
Hello again, i doing a bit more searching on this and im wondering if it would be possible to use a different projection system to achive the desired results.

I have the data used by Trimble Business Center to do surveys on the mine site local grid
It seem that, as mention above, the rotation is not a function of the transverse Mercator projection, but there are other mercator projections that might be able to do the rotations

On the Survey Logger the data in in 4 section for the local min grid (angles are in DMS)

Section 1-  Projection
Type: Transverse Mercator
False Northing: 11972.950
False Easting: 8987.834
Origin Lat: 53 40 52.58768N
Origin Long: 6 42 39.72438W
Scale Factor 1.000166700
Semi-Major Axis: 6378137.000
Flattening: 298.2572229329
Use Shift Grid: NO
Coordinates: Grid
Project Height: 1600

Section 2- Datum Transformation
Type: Three Parameter
Semi-Major Axis: 6378137.0
Flattening: 298.2572229329
Translation X: 0.0
Translation Y: 0.0
Translation Z: 0.0

Section 3- Horizontal Adjustment
Type: Plane
Origin North: 12312.624
Origin East: 8993.824
Translation North: -4.141
Translation East: -59.232
Rotation: -10 01 31.260633
Scale Factor: 1.00000199

Section 1- Vertical Adjustment
Type: Inclined Plane
Origin North: 11972.952
Origin East: 8987.826
Slope North: 0.000ppm
Slope East: 0.000ppm
Constant Adjustment : 1477.519

I found this what explains the different parameters of the projections and there uses, at the bottom of the page

But from my looking maybe we can use a Hotine Oblique Mercator (variant A) or (variant B) to achieve the desired results.

If anyone out there has some understanding of these, maybe their is some help you can give

General / Re: Help creating a .prj file for Local Mine Grid
« on: May 15, 2019, 02:36:31 PM »
Hello, i have the same issue. just to clarify, are we saying it is impossible to create a .prj for local grids with rotations?

Python and Java API / Re: Setting camera accuracy with Python
« on: April 17, 2019, 01:58:59 PM »
yes..yes it does :(

today is the first we are hearing about this advanced preference settings

Python and Java API / Re: Setting camera accuracy with Python
« on: April 17, 2019, 01:08:09 PM »
i think i did it
Code: [Select]
# Script to add exif for SODA Meta data for all cameras in the active chunk.

import PhotoScan

# Checking compatibility
compatible_major_version = "1.4"
found_major_version = ".".join('.')[:2])
if found_major_version != compatible_major_version:
    raise Exception("Incompatible PhotoScan version: {} != {}".format(found_major_version, compatible_major_version))

def sodaADD():
Reads Soda/accuracy/YPR
doc =
if not len(doc.chunks):
raise Exception("No chunks!")
print("Script started...")
chunk = doc.chunk

for camera in chunk.cameras:
vect = PhotoScan.Vector((10, 10, 10))
locationAccuracy = PhotoScan.Vector((10, 10, 10))
if 'Sensefly/Yaw' in
vect[0] = float(["Sensefly/Yaw"])
if 'Sensefly/Pitch' in
vect[1] = float(["Sensefly/Pitch"])
if 'Sensefly/Roll' in
vect[2] = float(["Sensefly/Roll"])


if 'Sensefly/GPSXYAccuracy' in
locationAccuracy[0] = float(["Sensefly/GPSXYAccuracy"])
if 'Sensefly/GPSXYAccuracy' in
locationAccuracy[1] = float(["Sensefly/GPSXYAccuracy"])
if 'Sensefly/GPSZAccuracy' in
locationAccuracy[2] = float(["Sensefly/GPSZAccuracy"])


camera.reference.rotation = vect
camera.reference.location_accuracy = locationAccuracy

print("Script finished")

label = "Custom menu/Add S.O.D.A Exif Data", sodaADD)
print("To execute this script press {}".format(label))

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