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I'm working with a supercomputing cluster to develop a set of python scripts to run computationally-intensive processes remotely on an HPC node. We've sorted out the photo alignment, dense cloud/depthmaps, and mesh steps using the current Agisoft Python manual, but we're having trouble with the texture script.

So far, we've been unable to run a command for texture alone, even on a chunk for which all other steps have already been completed. The only working version of the script is the same as the model in the guide:

chunk.buildDepthMaps(downscale=2, filter_mode=ms.FilterMode.ModerateFiltering)
chunk.buildDenseCloud( point_colors=True, point_confidence=True )

This seems not to overwrite the optimization work we've done manually after the initial alignment, but it does overwrite any dense-cloud editing that we've performed manually after the dense-cloud generation stage. It also takes a much longer time than necessary, since it's re-running the earlier steps, which is a problem when we have limited HPC cycles.

The models involved are often too large to let us easily run the texture process through the GUI on a local machine. Does anyone have a script that will only carry out the texture steps (buildUV, buildTexture) on a chunk for which the other steps are already complete? We're not sure where the problem is arising. Thanks!

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