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General / Camera orientation from IMU
« on: May 08, 2012, 10:34:04 PM »
I have been using photoscan on photos taken with a camera mounted to an airborne LiDAR. As such, I have good camera positions and pointing angles from the LiDAR's IMU. I have a few questions on using these data in photoscan:

1) 0.8.5 has a much nicer file reader for bringing in the camera positions (THANKS!), and now also takes Yaw, Pitch, Roll. But, I noticed on other posts here that the processing does not use these data yet?

2) How are Yaw, Pitch, Roll defined? Is Yaw defined like compass headings, with 0/360 at north and clockwise from there?

3) Would it be possible in the future to read .pos files? This is a text format that I think comes from Applanix but others have adopted it as a fairly standard IMU text file output. It is just 7 columns of time, lat, lon, hae, roll, pitch, yaw in ascii. I can send a sample file if interested.

Thanks in advance.

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