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General / Re: Zero Resolution coming up on all models
« on: Today at 05:30:27 PM »
Hello Brian,

If you have an old GPU which is not behaving properly, you can disable it in the GPU preferences tab of Metashape window and continue using only CPU for the processing. It could be quite slow, but at least the processing operation will be completed.

General / Re: Zero Resolution coming up on all models
« on: Today at 05:04:42 PM »
Hello Brian,

Which driver version is listed in the first lines of the Console pane?

The latest driver for Radeon R5 240 should be available on the following page:

Feature Requests / Re: Batch export orthomosaics
« on: Today at 04:56:39 PM »
Hello Dries,

Can you please provide the screenshot of the Export Orthomosaic dialog with the desired export settings used to be applied for all the exports?

And is it correct, that the orthomosaic labels should be used as export filenames and there are no duplicates?

General / Re: Little holes in snow surface
« on: Today at 04:52:26 PM »
Hello Leon,

We would probably need the sample dataset to reproduce the difference in processing time and also the logs from your side related to 1.6 and 1.7 versions.

Considerably longer processing time in 1.7 for the depth maps compared to 1.6 version could be observed on old graphic card models.

General / Re: K3 or not
« on: Today at 04:44:13 PM »
Hello Maciek,

That depends on the camera/lens sepcifics.

You can perform some calibration flight with the considerable number of check and control points and see, which set of parameters for optimization gives you better results: lower errors on control/check points and lower tie point reprojection errors.

Hello mrv2020,

I can suggest the following workflow for the procedure that you have described:

Code: [Select]
filtered = chunk.dense_cloud.copy()
task = Metashape.Tasks.FilterDenseCloud()
task.point_spacing = 0.3
task.asset = filtered.key
The code duplicates the original dense cloud and applies filtering to it.

In your code you are using "copy_dense_clouds" method which doesn't exist and it raises AttributeError.


General / Re: Zero Resolution coming up on all models
« on: Today at 04:24:53 PM »
Hello Brian,

Can you please share the processing log from the Console pane related to the failed operation and also the screenshot of the GPU Preferences tab?

I have seen some similar user reports which have been caused by the outdated GPU driver version (mainly Intel HD and AMD graphic cards), the driver update to the most recent compatible driver should resolve the problem. Currently it seems that all the generated depth maps are empty.

General / Re: Link for installing Photoscan (not Metashape)
« on: Today at 04:22:37 PM »
Hello Brian,

It might be that you own both Standard and Professional edition license keys, but have accidentally confused them. The license key for Professional edition of PhotoScan would fit also Metashape Professional.

As for the Standard edition of Metashape, I can't remember any features that have been removed from it with any recent major version updates.

Hello PROBERT1968,

In the version 1.7.3 (currently available as pre-release) there's a Detach Markers command in the shape context menu.

If the script gives you empty labels for some markers, they are likely related to the shapes.

General / Re: Transformation between coordinate systems
« on: May 13, 2021, 06:05:01 PM »
Hello AndrejH,

Metashape is using 7-parameter Helmert transformation in geocentric domain.

Please refer to pages 108-109 of the following document:

General / Re: Little holes in snow surface
« on: May 13, 2021, 05:48:38 PM »
Hello Leon,

As a post processing step you could overlay the high and low quality DEMs (latter put as a bottom layer) in order to cover the gaps.

Feature Requests / Re: LAND XML format
« on: May 13, 2021, 05:33:53 PM »
That is quite an old request, but in 1.7.3 version LandXML export format for mesh has been added. If anyone is still using this format, we would be glad to hear the feedback (note that for huge models, exported file will be also quite big).

Pre-release can be checked here: 

General / Re: Little holes in snow surface
« on: May 13, 2021, 02:38:05 PM »
Hello Leon,

Do you get smaller number of holes in the resulting point cloud or DEM, if you use lower quality depth maps for the reconstruction?

Hello DaveB,

It's suggested to disable "save alpha channel" option when exporting orthomosaic to Q-GIS.
Also you can switch to black color for background option that can be used for transparency in Q-GIS later.

Hello PROBERT1968,

You can run this script for bov10_34 and see, which unpinned markers are listed and which coordinates do they have.

Please also check, if you have any shapes with attached markers (enable View Shapes in Photo view mode) - maybe they are related to the blued flags that you observe.

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