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General / Depth map filtering stage, which CPU?
« on: October 17, 2015, 07:06:40 PM »

I was wondering if anyone knows which CPU feature most impacts the depth map filtering stage? Is this more dependant on cores or on clock?

The reason I am asking is because that stage is the one that currently affects me the most and I am thinking of either a Intel Core i7 6700K, Intel Core i5 6600K or going with Intel Core i7 5820K or other multi-core (RAM usage for my projects are relatively low, works with 16GB currently, so don't need Socket 2011-3 or such for that reason).

Best, Magnus.

General / New Nvidia GTX cards
« on: September 20, 2014, 10:07:38 AM »

Seems that the new 900-series from Nvidia might be good for PS

This brings me to a question though.

Since PS doesn't work with the newer nvidia drivers (I tried the newest release GEFORCE 344.11 with my old GTX570) I assume PS wont work with the 900-series with its current release?

I have a Asus 970 Strix (turns its fans off when not under load, I love that) coming next week hopefully so I will soon find out I guess, hehe.

Best, Magnus.

Hello all!

My brother and I have been doing lots of testing the last couple of months and things are really progressing (and changing drastically along the way). I thought I'd just share some initial points of interest.

Currently we have 16xCanon 1100D, 2xCanon 600D and 4xNikon D3200 which actually works without issues on just one laptop running Smart Shooter (no liveview on the D3200 though). We will be adding more Nikons soon and see if any issues pop up.
Might seem like an odd mix but there is a reason behind it, hehe. 
What we've been experimenting with is full-body capture using noise projected by DLP projectors and texture captured by cameras synced with flash.
The Nikons (as Lee and others has reported elsewhere) are damn good! We've managed to use our 4 at 1/200 shutter with flash (half-press seems to increase reliability, it also gives the option of having autofocus even with flash).
Our plan for full-body capture is (which could always change as we've experienced during our previous testing ;D) to use the Canons at low f-stop and around 1/50 or so shutter together with projectors to get geometry and the Nikons at high shutterspeed and f-stop at almost the same time synced with flash to get texture (it will not see the projected pattern due to the high settings). This will not be able to capture movement but should provide a decent starting point. It also seems as if, with some care, that even somewhat useable results can be gotten from shiny fabrics like satin for instance (varying the size of the projected pattern etc).

We will also use the same cameras for portrait, something we are quite close to getting (we will be trying with different types of hair to see what's possible).

I will share some pictures and some more info as it progresses.

Best, Magnus.

Face and Body Scanning / Portrait rig experimentation.
« on: January 21, 2013, 02:55:18 AM »
Hello all!

I had not initially planned on posting the testing I've done until I'd gotten more proper results but I thought that it might be interesting for you to see the crude progression, hehe.

The goal I had for this was to be able to capture a head and shoulder portrait in 3D, at a quality of acceptable level. Later I plan to progress to a fullbody capture solution.
IR, Lee, has already provided a lot of the information needed thru his experimentiation, but I thought it would be a good learning experience to try some different ideas I had.

The setup that I started with consisted of 2 600D and 4 1100D. I used Smart Shooter for the transfer of the files to computer and for checking focus etc. and a simple corded remote trigger connected thru splitters to the cameras. I used "11 inch articulating arms" to be able to attach and easily adjust the camerapositions. For lighting I used this LED light
For the photos in the examples posted I used F14, 1/25th shutter and ISO400 on all the cameras.
An important thing to note was that I shot in JPEG (since I was mostly just testing the multicamera mode on Smart Shooter and checking coverage) not in RAW so a lot more information is possible to be retrieved. The compression in the 1100D is quite harsh and removes a lot of the detail information. So keep this in mind.
So in this first post I attach a picture of the rig (picture taken with mobile phone so please excuse the poor quality).

More to follow.

Best, Magnus.


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