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General / Maintain actual real world scale of object within Agisoft?
« on: February 22, 2013, 06:43:09 PM »

Is there some way to establish and/or maintain actual real-world scale of objects within Agisoft?

For example..

Currently I notice that if I do a scan of a head and then create an .obj from it Agisoft reports the size of the bounding box to be very small.  Of course I can choose other options, such as cm, inches, etc... but none of them seem to provide me with the actual equivalent size in "real world" units.

Is it possible for me to somehow establish the actual scale of an object in Agisoft?

What I'm getting at is that ideally I would like to scan an object that has an actual size of 24mm and have it spit out a model that also = 24mm.

Any advice you could offer would be most appreciated.



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