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Are the values of pitch, roll, yaw, and X Y Z (offset?) input in the Camera Correction screen of alignment enabled in 0.9.1?
I have precise values for these parameters (quality GPS/IMU) and seem to be getting mixed results in enabling camera correction for the alignment output when using them. Does anyone know if this is enabled, and if so, best strategies to use it?
For example, if the pitch error from input values to output values in a good project is about a 1 degree offset, ( 1 degree plus or minus about 1 degree)  is it useful to enter a pitch correction of 1 degree (or 179 degrees since the initial is always 180 degress?) in the same project or subsequent projects using the same GPS/IMU geometry?
This post is somewhat an extension of post:

which indicated camera correction was not enabled back in 0.8.5


I am unable to get some basic scripting operations to execute, seemingly due to parameters not being properly specified. Is 'ground control' preselection enabled in scripting?  If anyone can suggest the correct scripting to execute the following it would be much appreciated, in both the align and the build opertions return errors:

import PhotoScan
doc =
pathfile = ('c', .... )

for files in pathfile:
    doc.clear() + ".psz")
    doc.activeChunk.matchPhotos(accuracy="high", preselection="ground control")
    doc.activeChunk.alignPhotos() + "a.psz")

    doc.activeChunk.buildModel(object="height field", geometry="point cloud", faces=50000)

Bug Reports / Unable to override groups camera calibration
« on: May 23, 2013, 04:05:08 PM »
In the 0.9.0 build 1586 version of photoscan, I have a single camera used for an aerial photo project, and at sometime the calibration was set to groups and permitted the groups to vary. I am trying to import a high precision calibration for all cameras, and setting the calibration to fixed. But every time, the resulting refined calibration shows new groups orientated by flight line. The fixed calibration does not seem to work to stop the regrouping of the calibration.

Camera Calibration / iwitness calibration erroneous focal length?
« on: April 20, 2013, 10:04:10 PM »
I am trying to import an iwitness calibration into photoscan and lens, but getting unusual values.
Attached is the calibration report from iwitness, and the pixels are 17um and the camera is 640 x 512 yielding a sensor size of 10.88 x 8.704
However, when I convert, I get an impossible focal length?

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