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Bug Reports / Screen saver bug on mac
« on: April 23, 2013, 12:01:16 PM »
Hello All,
I'm a newbie on 3D reconstruction with PS
but i do CGI for Architects Designers for 15 years now.

I'm really impressed and doing some tests with the standard version.
I'm on Mac 10.6.8 - 32Go RAM - 2x 4 core 2,4 GHz
with 1 ATI Radeon HD 5770

Well, sometimes, i've got something wrong, :-\
when i launch either a batch process or only a model building, (so a night long computing job)
it seems that since the Screen saver or login window appears (of course i tried to desactivate those 2),
or something (still trying to find what)...
the window process still appear to work (counting time, overall progress) but 0% CPU usage.
i also had the problem with the interface which stayed gray (inactive)
meaning that the process finish his job but it was impossible to have a hand on the app to make a save for example.

So i have no other choice than kill the app and loose all the already processed depth...

So i have several questions :
Do someone else had this kind of annoying problem?

is it possible to have a Cancel Button working ?  ::)
same thing for the Pause Button ?

why can't we process depth map building seperatly from 3D generation ?
and why are they not being saved on disk (in a seperate file) since they are build (one by one).

Sorry for the long post,
and i hope i'll have some feedback.

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