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Bug Reports / Gradual Selection in 1.2.3
« on: March 04, 2016, 09:47:57 AM »

I'm currently working on a project with 2.500 images. The alignment of all images (geotagged) works fine, it lead to 17.000.000 Tie points in the sparse point cloud.

Now I would like to keep only those points that match at least in three images.

Gradual selection is the solution since years.

But in Version 1.2.3 my system crashes.
Win 7, 128 GB RAM (13 GB in use)
Two GTX 780ti
Dual Xeon 2620

I think, the machine has enough power to select the points, but agisoft hangs in a "loop", reacts only very slowly on any command and I cannot finish the gradual selection tool. (deleting button doesn't work, photoscan doesn't react).

Limiting the number of tie point (4.3 Mio) works fine on the same machine with identical data.

Is there a limit for the gradual selection tool?

Best regards

General / Cluster Processing - RAM consumption of nodes
« on: August 31, 2015, 05:59:08 PM »

I have got a project, that ends up in 60 packages (nodes) and the processing on each single node consumes 54 GB RAM. So the node start swapping (windows or linux with the same behaviour).

Is ist possible to define the max amount of ram, that is allowed for a node in a cluster?
Fine level task distribution is already activated for all steps...

Best regards

General / NVIDIA Driver Version for Linux - SOLVED
« on: August 19, 2015, 05:47:25 PM »

I tried to install Agisoft on a new machine.
Version 1.1.6 works well with NVIDIA GTX 980ti and Windows Driver 353.30 on Windows 8.1 Pro.

 Now I would like to switch to Linux (for several reasons like clustering etc.)

Working with 12.04.5 LTS and Driver Version 331 works well on another machine with a GTX 780ti

Installing 14.04 LTS with NVIDIA 340 (to support 980ti) doesn't work.

Agisoft doesn't show my cards in the "OpenCL" tab in preferences.
Switshing to Agisoft 1.2 pre release does't help

Just use this link, now it works well, with 750ti, 780ti and 980ti

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