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Hi to all,
I'm decided to change my actually traditional HD with a new SSD disk.
I have to create an image of the original HD in the SSD to have an identical disk after substitude it in the notebook.
I'm here to ask about my Pro licence of Meshlab. I have to save it after change the disk or there a no problems and it work fine in the new SSD?
Thanks for any suggestion.

Hi to all,
it will be really usefull give the posibility to select the color of point in the dense cloud with some picking tool.

General / Ruler funtion: use and possibility
« on: August 29, 2016, 10:15:24 AM »
Hi to all,
I'm using a Pro version of PS, I need to know how use the Ruler function and if it's possible to exactly scale a model to put it in the correct (=real) dimensions.
Thanks to all

General / filtering and delete point of the scan
« on: January 13, 2015, 11:15:24 AM »
I'm searching the simplest way to filtering and delete a ponit of the scan.
I have many black point to eliminate from the model scan. Is there any possibilities in PS?
Thanks in advance

Hi to all,
I have exported an OBJ with PNG textures and the model (an archaeological structure) have the surface textures "cracked" with thin grey lines...
After a control I have exported the same textures in JPG format and all is good in the final model...
If I compare the same textures, in the PNG format are pieces in a white background, and the JPG textures are connected with a colored shade background.
Why this difference?

Hi to all,
excuse me for the "basic" question.
I have a Standard edition and I'm involved in archaeological reconstruction.
My question is about:
- alignement of cameras/chunk
- refinement of the surfaces of the mesh
- exporting with metric reference in PDF

in Standard edition I have encountered some problem when change light in a tunnel of excavation and the chunk cannot be aligned corectly.
With some ceramic piece I have problem due to the irregular mesh (rough) reconstructed
In PDF of the textured model I would like to have a metric reference with the model.

Is a limitation of the Standard edition or is the same in the Pro too?
many thanks in advace for the answers.
all my best

Feature Requests / metric reference in PDF 3D output
« on: August 02, 2013, 11:53:32 AM »
Hi to all,
it would be really interesting have in PS the possibility to put in the PDF 3D output a metric reference, visible (like the XYZ axis ) and that can be rescaled when I zoom in or out the PDF.

Hi to all,
I have a Photoscan licence and as newbe I'm tryng to produce my personal workflow in the model production from photos.
If I have to produce model from panel, walls, planar object, no problem, but when I try to produce something at 360 degree object, photos are aligned only in one side, not in the other...
Can I put here the last photosession as they can send to me some suggestions about?
many thanks in advance

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