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Hi Alexey..

I did drone survey using pre calibrated camera. The problem was, image size my camera captured is different with image size in camera calibration file. So when I load camera calibration file error occured. It said "image size missmatch". How can I resolve this?

Is there anyway to change/convert camera calibration parameters for different image resolutions.

Asep Hadiyana

General / Tie Points Export
« on: September 17, 2013, 11:50:04 AM »
Hi Folks,

My work on UAV photogrammetry needs combined processing using Agisoft for automatic model build and Summit evolution for manually plot ground points using a 3D glasses. The problem is, Summit needs Exterior Orientation, Interior Orientation and Tie points from Agisoft. EO and IO already provided by Agisoft. How can I get tie points between photos data exported to other file (txt maybe)?


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