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Hi everybody..

Currently we make offline training using Agisoft Metashape trial versions for contour creation using stereoplotting technique. As we all know, agisoft has hardware enabled 3D stereo view using nVidia 3D vision glass combined with Quadro VGA. This stereoview has ability to see and measure height from ground realtime as is. It can also make spot heights and breaklines for making Digital Terrain Model using 3D Mouse like Stealth (

The thing is, I have another 3D Mouse that did not recognize by Metashape. The mouse name is Atlas 3D Mouse ( . I have 9 mouses and will be very happy if Metashape can recognize them.
Has anyone came up with any solutions?

-Asep Hadiyana
Globee Telemapping Indonesia

Hi Alexey..

I did drone survey using pre calibrated camera. The problem was, image size my camera captured is different with image size in camera calibration file. So when I load camera calibration file error occured. It said "image size missmatch". How can I resolve this?

Is there anyway to change/convert camera calibration parameters for different image resolutions.

Asep Hadiyana

General / Tie Points Export
« on: September 17, 2013, 11:50:04 AM »
Hi Folks,

My work on UAV photogrammetry needs combined processing using Agisoft for automatic model build and Summit evolution for manually plot ground points using a 3D glasses. The problem is, Summit needs Exterior Orientation, Interior Orientation and Tie points from Agisoft. EO and IO already provided by Agisoft. How can I get tie points between photos data exported to other file (txt maybe)?


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