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General / 3D Printing file standards? pre-flight checklist?
« on: September 24, 2013, 10:19:50 PM »
Dear 3D printer community,

We are anticipating a client request for their model(s) to be printed in the 3D format.

We will not be managing the print relationship after we submit the final geometry file(s).

What advice can you offer to make this process a success?

Is there a minimum / maximum requirement(s) for the mesh?

Is there a "standard file requirement" or a pre-flight checklist before 3D printing? url? app?

Does anyone happen to know any quality 3D printers / service providers that also print RGB data as well?

I realize that there are many questions above, any input on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

thank you to the community, I appreciate the professional standards and great information in this forum


General / Best F-Stop for the best Data?
« on: September 24, 2013, 09:53:18 PM »
Dear All,

During the capture process, what F-Stop do you generally capture with?

We try to stick to F-8 to F11.

We are using Canon DSLRs and canon L 'redline' lenses. Typically the, 24mm prime, 50mm Macro, and the 100mm macro. (the 24mm is not and L lens).

We are really tempted to use a higher number, small aperture, to get a larger Depth of Field - as we frequently document objects (large and small) as well as environments.

Being aware of the consequences of 'Lens Diffraction' and the trade offs between higher F-stops and softness/slightly blurry results, I'm still interested to know what your rules of the F-stop are when capturing data for photogrammetry.

Anyone care to opine on this matter?

thank you. I look forward to reading some professional opinions.


General / How do I set a distance between two markers?
« on: September 20, 2013, 12:46:15 AM »
hi All,

basic question.

I have created two Markers. (point 1 and point 2)

I can easily create the Scale Bar, but, How do I input the distance between the two?

thank you!

Bug Reports / Build Texture - Major errors
« on: September 20, 2013, 12:24:10 AM »
Dear All,

I'm using PhotoScan Pro Ver 1.0.0 on a study object, (a neolithic stone tool) and everything seems to be OK with my model until I build the Texture.

Import photos, mask photos, align images, build dense cloud, build geometry processes all seem to be OK. All my settings are in pretty much in the 'default' setting.

However, when I "Build Texture", it produces the following results. (Please see screen shots). The error also 'animates' when I move my mouse over the object --- it appears to shoot out rays of color and pixels.

I've tried both 'Mosaic' and 'Average' settings when prompted.

ANY suggestions would be appreciated. (this error has occured numerous times on this object and on different objects, as well as different machines)

background info.
PhotoScan Pro version 1.0.0 build 1742 (64bit)
Mac OS 10.6.8
4GB of RAM 1067 MHz DDR3
images are shot in RAW and exported to full size jpegs previous to 'add photos'
masks are generated from within Photoscan using the photoscan tools

thanks for any help.

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