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Dear Agisoft team,

I was very pleased to see, that you implemented an PIXHAWK log file Import functionality, which is just amazing.

However, there is missing on feature, which is utmost important, when working with these log data.

As in general the open source systems built with the PIXHAWK hardware employ end user cameras, which have a latency in acquiring photos with respect to the command delivered by the navigation system, there is always a time shift (and with that spacial shift) between the logged data and the real position of the photo at the time it was taken.

The solution is quite simple: when georeferencing the photos, a timeshift value can be added to the procedure.

Could you implement this in your software?  I.e., when referencing photos based on the PIXHAWK log file, just ask for a timeshift value in milliseconds, that should do the trick.

Is that possible?

I have been talking with some users of both PIXHAWK based drones and PhotoScan and they all are not using the import as the shift feature is missing.


Best regards

General / PS UI stops working
« on: April 30, 2018, 09:30:16 PM »

after creating a DEM (or ortho) and choosing it in the workspace pane, the UI stops working, i.e. icon disappear, the DEM (or ortho) just does not appear.

If I click again on tie points or dense cloud, and then again on DEM (or ortho), the DEM (or ortho) appears, but no interaction is possible with the image.  Icons continue gone.

Please check image.

My system specifications also as image.

General / Project does not open!
« on: July 05, 2017, 06:10:23 PM »
Dear support team,

when saving my project, I got a memory error.  Photoscan closed but as it seems continued saving data in the background for a wile.

Now, when I tried to open the project, I get a read error of the file. (see attachment)

What can I do to save my project? I have already invested a lot of time in it and would get crazy if I would need to repeat the whole thing.

Best regards

General / Photogrammetry with 360° cams > is it possible with PhotoScan?
« on: November 11, 2016, 03:20:08 PM »
for a very specific application, it would make sense for me to capture photos with a 360° cam.  Is PhotoScan compatible with some cams on the market? If yes, which models? Who had experience with this in the past?


PS: Please share links to other forum topics about the subject, should there be some (I did not find any immediately).

General / Scientific publications about and with PhotoScan
« on: September 16, 2016, 06:55:06 PM »
Dear all,
I'm writing a scientific publication where PhotoScan is one key element. In order to avoid having to write about PS in an extensive way, I would like to refer to other existing publications. Can somebody indicate me some reference papers about PhotoScan? Important would be something explaining the working principle of PS, studies about the quality, precision, etc of PS, etc. Interesting would also be publications in the field of forestry, agriculture, etc. using PS for their studies.

Is there some list at Agisoft which is or can be made public, maybe of the most important publications in this context?

Thanks for any answer.

I would like to propose some improvements of the present interface when editing orthomosaics using polygons.
The majority of the following suggestions would help a lot when working a lot and very intensely with the mosaic editing. Although they seem to be minor, they would simplify a lot the handling of PS in this task.

Here is the list in no special order:

1. When polygons are marked red, allow deletion using the delete key, avoiding having to open the context menu each time.

2. Is there a key combination to add or remove (marked) vertex of the marked polygon? That would also allow faster working.

3. When a polygon is market and one assigns images to that polygon, please do not open the respective window in the center of the screen, since in general that is where the polygon  is which is being edited. It would be great if PS could 'remember' the last position of the window.

4. The options "Allow multiple selection" and "Exclude selected images" on the 'assign images' windows should also 'remember' their last states. Since the user typically uses a combination of these two options, he/she has to activate the options each time new. This is time consuming and irritating when editing a large number of polygons. 

5. It is possible to exclude images from the ortho processing in the respective photo windonws (lists). However, it would be excelent to exclude images from the further processing from within the "assign images" window (or a equivalent context). With exclude I mean in general, not just for one polygon.

6. Finally, the list of proposed images in the 'assign images' has a predefined order which corresponds to the best projection for a given polygon (I suppose). Although this is a great help, it would be excellent, if the user can also change this order, since this allows better results.

So, that's it for now, it would be nice to see some (or all) of these functionalities implemented.



I completely forget to suggest also that all delete commands within context menus should be at the bottom, not at the top, it happens quickly that you click on it. OK, there is also the confirmation window, nevertheless, it would feel a bit more secure to have the delete menu points at the bottom of the windows. :-)

General / [RESOLVED] PS just sees 1 of 2 GPU's
« on: May 04, 2016, 11:38:07 PM »

I decided to add a second GPU to my PC (2x GTX 660) but only one is recognized by PS?
Does someone has an idea why this is (could be) so?


General / Cropping Orthomosaics
« on: December 24, 2015, 12:58:06 AM »
Hello, is it possible to crop orthomosaics? Using the shapes for instance?

If not, this would be a magnificent tool in the mapping context!


Feature Requests / Reset Mask for more than one Photo: How?
« on: May 13, 2015, 05:55:02 PM »
I have all my photos with a mask, which I want to reset.

In the context menu of the Photos panel I find a  IMPORT...., EXPORT... and INVERT MASKS  but no RESET MASKS.

The command RESET MASK can only be found in the menu PHOTO > RESET MASK.

The problem is, it applies only to one (1) photo...  But I have several hundreds of photos where I want to reset the mask.

First: how can I reset the mask of more than one or even all photos
and Second: Wouldn't it be logical to have  a RESET MASKS in the context menu of the photo panel?



I have been having a problem for long time now which I would finally like present here.

Situation: I do mapping of forests using UAVs. In many cases of high resolution, which means low flight altitude. This in turn means that I have to increase the amount of image per area in order Photoscan to be able to reconstruct the forest structure (which is generally quite complex) generating points from all possible canopy and ground surfaces.

The problem: The reconstructed structures (DPC, MESH, etc) has a high level of detail, which gets better the more images I have. But the more images there are, the smaller the mosaics which are generated during orthomap generation. This is so extreme, that the size of the mosaics end being only of a few pixel. In some cases this might lead to 'nicer' images, but generally this is not the case. Or you have situations, where the character of the map changes from one spot to the other due to different image densities. The screen-shots attached to this post show what I mean.

I could manually reduce the number of available images for the texture generation, but when you have projects with several thousand images, this gets a bit impracticable. 

Possible solution: It would be very helpful to be able to determine the smallest size of the mosaics which are generated during the orthomap export. This would help to control and avoid bad results.

Is it possible to integrate such a functionality in PS?

Best regards

Bug Reports / PS does not merge dense point clouds
« on: May 06, 2015, 11:54:59 AM »
Hello, I'm having an issue which is new to me.

I have a project with approx. 400 photos aligned and a few markers. The model scale is given by the distances (scale bars) of these markers.

In order to generate the dense point cloud  (DPC) I create around 6 chunks with different regions.
For each region the DPC is correctly produced.

First problem: When I activate the "Show Aligned Chunks" icon/function, nothing happens. Only the active chunks is show. All others aren't!

Second problem:
when I merge the chunks to get the final merges DPC, PS does not merge anything. There is no DPC cloud. The new merged chunk does not even have the tie point cloud, it is in fact empty (it does contain the markers, though).  The merging process happens in less than 1s, which is already not normal.

I though this problems to be related to the last version 1.1.6, but it happens also in 1.1.5.

Any ideas?

Best regards

When creating a mesh using heigth field I get a 'projection' which is not parallel to the z-axis? Why is this? I had this several times, but do not understand the reason for it.

The image attached to this post illustrates what I mean. Looking along z-axis, but the mesh-'direction' has some other angle.


« on: February 24, 2015, 04:27:23 PM »

I have been working on a mapping project for a few days now.

I saved the project few hours ago (like always - no error, no nothing) and when I reopened it all point clouds were gone. Tie points as well as the DPC.

But they are shown in the project folder (see attachment)

What went wrong here ? (I'm using PS v.1.1.2)

Can I recover my point cloud somehow? OR why are they invisible

General / Change first view when opening a project
« on: January 18, 2015, 12:52:23 PM »

I have the following issue:

I have a quite large project with 17GB. This project contains mesh and texture.

When opening this project PhotoScan jumps directly to the textured mesh view which gets too much for my PC. I can work with the project when I have only the mesh (without texture) on screen. But before I can switch to this view, PhotoScan stops reacting.

My question is: can I change some parameter in the .psz file in order to tell the program to start with another view of the project, e.g. with the point cloud.

Also I would like to understand, how the program 'decides' which view to show when opening a project. Is it the last view of the last opened project, or is this saved in the .psz file? 'Cause I do not see any systematics in this...

Best regards

Bug Reports / Creating texture freezes
« on: September 27, 2014, 12:50:00 PM »

I'm having the following problem

I'm working on projects with around 1500 photos and a mesh with > 3.000.000 faces.

When I try to create a texture the process freezes at 70%.  I had this now for more than one project with similar parameters...

Why is this? Is it possible the the numbers are just too high?

Best regards

PS: forgot to say that this behavior is independent of the size and count of texture

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