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General / Dam in 3D - Mixing horizontal pictures and vertical
« on: June 01, 2014, 03:03:20 PM »

Still testing Photoscan inside out with my multicopter.

I had a good success taking 200 horizonal pictures of a dam in the South of France and assembling them with PS.

I have a problem though, horizontal surfaces are perfectly detailed, but vertical are not so good.

So I went back there to the dam and took about 50 vertical pictures of both sides.
I then added those pictures to the directory where i have horizontal pictures, and re-runned the full process.

That totally messed up my results, portion of the sky integrating into the dam textture,  in short, no go :-)

I could not find any tutorial related to mixing both horizontal and vertical textures. Is there any ?

Thank you


I am thinking about purchasing the standard version but I need the markers functionalities. Is it included into the standard version ? I am reading on the functionality comparison that the ortho photo is only for the pro version.

Thank you.

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