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General / multi-GPU cooling query
« on: October 12, 2015, 12:26:45 AM »
Have tried searching the forum but can't find anything relating to a multi-GPU / motherboard query.

Currently looking to assemble a system with a pair of GeForce GTX-980 GPUs to go in a dual-socket Xeon system with probably just one processor initially.

Initially looked at a Dell 7810/7910 workstation, but was concerned that position of the two slots suitable for the GPU cards meant that the fan on one card is only a couple of millimetres away from the PCB of the next GPU so there was negligible air circulation space between the two GPUs.  Also a little concerned as to whether the two suitable slots were tied one per processor? - so if only one processor installed initially, can it use both those GPUs?

Alternatively, looking at building a system using the Asus "Z10PE-D8 WS" motherboard (or maybe the D16 version) - they have four suitable Gen-3 16x link slots - but it appears these slots may be in two pairs, two per processor, and the slots for each processor are adjacent so I couldn't have a single processor / two GPU cards with a big air gap between them (like I could on a single-processor board like the Asus P9X79_WS).

Does anyone have experience with long PhotoScan runs with two GTX-980 cards right up alongside each other? any vendors implementation of the GTX-980 more reliable in such situations?

Alternatively, does anyone have a recommendation for a workstation / mother board that's dual socket, with slots that allow air gap between GPUs, which would allow me to run 2 x GTX-980 both with one Xeon now and add a second Xeon later if required?

Thanks / Dave

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