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General / Texture reprojection subsampling settings.
« on: December 08, 2022, 02:36:56 PM »

I found that in texture reprojection Agisoft does a zero subsampling by default.
That makes this operation looks insane fast compared to other tools. But quality wise this just introduces ugly aliasing.

Did we have somewhere in Advanced options or Tweaks any way to define how many subsampling should be used?
4/16/64 subsamples should be enough to match projection quality with others.

Thank you.

I have two problems with importing cameras and undistorted images exported from RealityCapture.

120 cameras from camera rig. Alignment report in RC 0.5px reprojection error, mean and median reprojection errors about 0.2~0.3px.

Export cameras as Bundler .out v0.3 z-inverted. and undistorted images.

Photoscan import images and bundler without problem, but when i try check reprojection error Gradual selection show me errors around 3000-4000px. And texturing exported from RC meshes create awful result.

For check issue i export and import bundler from RC back to RC. And report have mostly the same sizes as in original RC project.
But if i export imported to Photoscan cameras as Bundler and open this file in RC it show me same as in Photoscan wrong dimension: 4000-3000 px error.

Cameras in project have different lens settings.

And second issue that i found workaround for this moment, but it still weird. If project have any cameras with vertical orientation export this camera as Bundler and import this bundler to Photoscan show wrong orientation (all cameras are horizontal).
Workaround it clear rotation tag and use in project only horizontal images. In this case imported bundler project show cameras in correct orientation.

This problems exist in latest stable and beta releases. In Standard and Pro versions. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.

ANd here the files for tests:

RC Original:

RC-> Bundler -> AP -> Bundler:

AP origina (from original images aligned in Photoscan)l:

Interesting post in sketchfab blog about upcoming 3Digify software.
With some examples that looks amazing.

Software as is, looks like steps back in usability, may be because of early beta.
But technics them use can be expanded to any photogrammetry software, especially in Photoscan, because it allow use different photo for cloud calculation and for texture calculation.

After some fails, because of lack of memory in >3 days of calculations of dense clouds on not so old computer with 32Gb DDR4, i7 6700, gtx960 and IntelHD, i try to search for competitors.
RealityCapture for this moment in deep beta, and former Acute3D ContextCapture for this moment looks like most fastest and amazing in quality photogrammetry tools.

Interesting comparison between Photoscan and Acute3D

How this is possible, when Photoscan use both GPU at 100%, and eat all memory, competitors can work >3x time faster using only about 10-20% of only one GPU (Acute3D) and required about half of 32Gb memory for work with huge (in terms of photoscan) amount of photos?
And quality of photoscan results worster than from competitors :(

This is worst situation when calculation take 2-3 days but you can lost all your work, because you can't save and resume?
I love UI/UX and power of Photoscan but memory and speed is real problem.

Thank you.

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