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I upgraded our Network Cluster Dispatch and Node host's PS from 1.2.6 to 1.3.1 and using the same configuration settings that work under 1.2.6, I get errors where the nodes can't open the project file:

2017-05-11 18:11:05 Error: Can't open project: w:/___ArtistsFolders/Jay.Sloat/Photogrammetry/arrowhead_duplicate2_test_dense.psx
2017-05-11 18:11:05 processing failed in 0.003 sec
2017-05-11 18:11:05 BuildDenseCloud: quality = Low, depth filtering = Aggressive

So Server "w" is defined / mounted as network storage to all hosts in the facility. (Windows only)
3.0.1 Dispatch Host is running command:
"C:\Program Files\Agisoft\PhotoScan Pro\photoscan --server --dispatch --control --root w:

and 3.0.1 Cluster Node Hosts are running command:
"C:\Program Files\Agisoft\PhotoScan Pro\photoscan --node --dispatch --root w:"

and these same settings worked just fine under previous release.
Fails same way whether NODE host is Win7 or Win10.

I've had it working before with these same settings under 1.2.6 and I know that the project MUST be on a server that all nodes can see, and must be in ".psx" format which is the case. The project can be opened on the NODE hosts that give errors trying to process it via Cluster/Networking.   Any ideas to try?

Los Angeles

I am working on a plug-in that needs to remove certain cameras that I determine by proximity and orientation won't contribute much to computing a Dense Cloud per chunk. (I am able to use the API to deactivate my candidate cameras, but in another pass, I want to actually remove those cameras to make the result small enough to be savable. (when I use more than 75 chunks and each chunk has 2-3K cameras, it won't save).

I'm trying to be very careful that I'm not actually trying to remove a "COPY" of a camera from the camera list (cause I understand why that wouldn't work).

I absolutely can remove a camera using the GUI and it goes away.

But via the console window, I find that even this basic command which is not using a "copy" won't actually delete the camera (the first camera in this case).[0])

(It doesn't fail, the return status is "" or "none")
Surely I'm doing something wrong, but I can't figure out why.

    I was hoping to write a python function that could automatically assist in find outlying dense cloud points to automatically select and delete or disable them (points that have no neighbors within a certain distance).  I have successfully written functions that operate on the sparse cloud points, and although I can easily get handle on the dense cloud structure for one of my chunks,  I've not found any methods to traverse the points that make up the dense cloud and operate on them.  I see how to export them to a separate file, but that takes a long time and doesn't solve my issue.  Is there an iterating function or method to access Dense Cloud points as a list?


My facility has some hellishly heavy solves ahead composed of more than 2500 very high-res images.
While I have successfully written a number of plug-ins to help us handle various issues of complexity,
however I'm hitting wall trying to emulate a particular but important GUI behavior via the API.

With so many images, we're finding even the first Camera Alignment step completely bogs down if we try to process all images at once. For a temp workaround, user is currently selecting 50 images at a time, and via the GUI running "Align Selected Cameras" which processes just the selected ones and stops. Then select the next group and process again.  I'm trying to make something more automated that can mimick this by running 50 (or variable #) cameras at a time.

I'm aware that in the API, "Align Photos" is broken into 2 parts and my plug-in is wired to do that.
I set the "selected" state for the bundle of cameras I want to process each time round the loop.
AlignCameras method takes a camera list which is great. MatchPhotos does not, and my expectation was that as long as I have the desired cameras selected, it would (or could somehow be made to ) process just the selected cameras.

The behavior I'm seeing is that as soon as I start the MatchPhotos method, it insists on trying to process all 2500 cameras (which stalls and is the reason I'm writing this plug-in in the first place.)

I've scrubbed the API doc, and the forums for any workaround or clarifications on how to emulate the selected scope processing of what the GUI  "Align Selected Cameras"  provides.

Any ideas welcomed.


I've included my plug-in below

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