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General / ortho view reverts to crazy angle view before I moved it
« on: June 01, 2024, 01:16:57 AM »
Latest metashape.
I enter ortho view, hit 9 for top view, rotate model to be correct, hit 4 or 2 for front and side, and crazy angle seen, hit 9 and its also crazy angle again.
move it to be top view, hit 4 and aware its not as it should be, no where near, hit 9 and again its crazy angle.
Check I am not rotating region !
no I am with arrow .

I am familiar with this , and never had this happen.

Just cannot get it to keep the view I turned the model to.
9 top view will not keep the view I rotated the model to, neither will 4 or 2.

it has a mind of its own !!!!!

I am in ortho view, not perspective view. it says ortho top left.


what is the fix ?


To stop Agisoft trying to cross reference distracting items in photos, rather than fiddle about masking those areas out then using the import masks routine and have one file for image and another for mask, and have to relate the two in a coding name thing, or create a mask in alpha channel in pshop then save image as .tiff.   and 200 images would be far bigger file size than 200 .jpg
If one instead painted out in white or black on the image the offending area and resaved the image as .jpg, same as its current file type, surely solid black or white between images would deny agisoft the ability to cross reference those areas ?
makes life simpler.
I have shots of the inside of a tractor cab and the glazing has flash reflections also I see items outside through the glazing with flash flare over them which will also confuse the hell out of Agisoft. Can I just paint out the glazing areas in white or black ?

and which is best, should I use white or is black better ?
(using solid colour, no grain in it etc)


82 good pics, but 9 need shoe or trousers removing.
I would like to use photoshop as I am extremely well practised in its tools, then add the photos to the metashape batch and align etc.

What is the procedure, pic 1 has a shoe in the background, do I make it a layer then edit out shoe leaving a tranpsarency there, do I save it with a named channel, or do I simply replace with white or black, how do I add the result to metashape ?

This has to be a common occurrence when in a museum and you photo your own shoe or leg !

PLEASE what are the steps.

what should I be producing, how to save the image and add it etc.
I know Agisoft has its own edge following tools but I am far better with photoshop.

I do not intend to edit all 91 pics  masking each one when they dont need it.

All tuts I see are about doing the entire lot.

I want the photo align to get fail on seeing a shoe ! Metashape is exceptionally easy to fail on such things.


metashape 1.8.2
I had 20 mins to photo something I had planned for 40 mins at. Even so what I have is good and perhaps enough to model from in CAD.

I have aligned photos in Photoscan, as metashape rejected 19 of them. (it most often fails on quite a few, photoscan never fails), imported the project then to Metashape 1.8.2
deleted most of the scene which was background and unwanted.
I also removed the unwanted points visible in the open parts of the object, an old window frame without glass.
next step I chose was create mesh from depth maps, skipping the Dense Point Cloud stage, its better at detail and quicker.
Result sees some background next to the item I wish to remove., also the items visible through the window frame despite deleting those points has been modelled !

Should I delete the unwanted mesh adjacent and touching the window frame then run make mesh, but surely that will look at same data source and put back in those bits.

What are the exact steps to get rid of parts I can only see when mesh is made, and not have them reoccur ?



General / which buttons to turn on or off to view result merge chunks ?
« on: August 14, 2022, 01:14:47 AM »

Is the result of 'merge chunks' to be viewed with the 'show aligned chunks' button on or off ?

see results attached.

following agisoft article 'manual chunk alignment'.
I have added chunk, turned on 'show aligned chunks' *layered blue icon far right of toolbar.
I see both chunks.
I had to scale down by 30% one to match size of other, rotate and align them and then one sat within the other with bits of newspaper and a shadow edge visible .
I ran merge chunks selecting 'model' (as I had made model from depth maps), not used dense point cloud at all.

result looks like the view just before I ran merge chunks !
I turn off the 'show aligned chunks' and double click 3d model in chunk 1, then look at chunk 2, and by doing a screen grab in photoshop I see no change in these two when viewing merged chunk, the messy face of chunk 2 is still there, it didnt take the better face of chunk 1. it didnt remove the newspaper,

Is the result to be viewed with the 'show aligned chunks' on or off ?

Its not taken the best of both, it probably doesnt know whats best, having no eyes as such. However its impossible to delete out the bad bits as the tool doesnt seem to have a limiter for mesh face nearest 'me' see other post.
I dont even see any movement in the meshes as I compare those photoshop screen grabs.


General / What method to limit deletion to mesh face nearest me ?
« on: August 14, 2022, 12:29:53 AM »
a square section W shape tube.
photos set1 lying on its side for its underside , side and topside, set 2 standing upright for its 2 sides and top.
set 1 will provide the underside for set 2.

merge chunks, set 1 sees an edge with shadow and remains of newspaper, I delete the mesh BUT it is not limited to the side nearest me, however much I try to move it around my selection is seen as also being on the far face.

see attached. when I moved the object I saw the far wall had been pinked up as well !

How do we select polys on the object face 'nearest me' ?

Basic need but I fear it doesnt exist in which case in any stage of the operation, its impossible to remove the meshes that are not required and may mess up the merge chunks.

please tell me we have a way to delete on face nearest us as we will all come across this problem.

Is there a better program that can do all this bringing chinks together and editing parts away that are not needed  ? The scale tool is atrocious, 2D rotate of a chunk , no tool does that, taken ages to keep my ortho correct chunks as they were .

Is there a better prog for bringing chunks together ?


How does one use the scale tool, placing the start point of the scale where its needed and then I presume its a drag operation.

I have two chunks open , same item one is 30% size of other, I select the 'scale model' tool (one of the drop down along with move model, rotate model.)
NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH SETTING A MODEL SCALE, which would be useful but I cannot find that anywhere (Standard).

I have my two items with their ends together and wish to place origin of scaling at that end and make the one same length as the other.

I click to place the origin for the scale and the model grows larger, an orange line goes from my click to a square dot somewhere on its top, not at any sensible location.

I never put that dot there.


Start again..
I try to find a way of resiting that dot which is the origin, I fail,

I google scale tool, fail, its all about setting a scale such as 1:10 or 1:1 etc....slaps face.
try to find
click on help at top of search tab, type scale,,,no topics found.
contents then, find the page showing tools, it just shows the tool, nothing about it at all. shouldnt be this tough, its a scale tool, normally intuitive.

and I am defeated.

How does one use the scale tool, placing the start point of the scale where its needed and then I presume its a drag operation.


 I call up the help from top of Agisoft menu bar, I click the search tab, I type in scale and get nothing found, i type in a word i see on page 1, and get nothing found.

I type in point, no topics found, i click list topics, no topics found.

Aaaaaaaaargh !

I have yet to get it to find things I know are existing in agisoft, such as cloud or dense point cloud or depth or, and so on etc.

how are we supposed to use this help search facility ?

we have a program with no functional help function. Thats not good at all.


I have several photo sets of the same object, taken at same time, same camera, same focal length, same lighting same everything !
one its on its side, set 1, set 2 its upright.
each has been modelled in metashape 1.8.2 in same day. using same ultra high settings, all from depth maps. (align photos then mesh from depth maps, delete base newspaper then build texture, yes I know texture was a waste of time as merge chunks does that, but I wanted to see it looking nice !)

I try for merge chunk, file append, select chunk, show aligned chunks, with them touching each other, one is 30% the size of the other, is that normal ?

I didnt expect to have to scale up the model so much.

That just doesnt seem right at all. Surely agisoft makes models roughly the same size if they are filling the photo .



great tutorial on using multiple photo sessions of different sides of an object and combining into one chunk for better results, but how is this done if the camera was moved round the object then the object turned upside down and another photo session done, then another of a related part that had broken off.


The tutorial on the basic steps of metashape at:-
(see attached)
Has the user doing:-
1. Align Photos
2. Make a Dense Point Cloud, remove points unwanted with delete tools.

3. Build mesh
AFTER THE DENSE POINT CLOUD IS MADE, it says a choice then exists, use either Dense Point Cloud or Depth maps.
Depth maps supports GPU acceleration (GPU being the video processor) and provides better results for minor details.
It then shows the panel and settings for the depth map approach.


Click OK to start the build.

I bring our attention to:-
AFTER THE DENSE POINT CLOUD IS MADE, it says a choice then exists, use either Dense Point Cloud or Depth maps.

As I wish to get better detail, exactly what are the steps I should be following ? It seems one has to make dense point cloud then save depth maps then make mesh using depth maps and choose reuse them !  Where is this option to save depth maps in the Dense Point Cloud build ?

conflicts with advice :- after align photos skip DensePoint Cloud, as its slow and if using depth maps you don’t need the Dense Point Cloud !
I like speed and detail, so why are we being told to go via Dense Point Cloud here ?

I am now puzzled, I have been aligning photos then choosing build mesh use depth maps.

Am I doing wrong ?

it even goes on to say:-
If after the previous stage – Depth maps were built and save in project, we recommend using the parameter – Reuse Depth maps. It shows the Build mesh panel with depth maps selected and reuse depth maps ticked.

so again its saying make the dense point cloud then save the depth maps, I wasn’t aware one had an option to save or not to save the depth maps.

my method by not making Dense point cloud wont be making depth maps and then seeing an option to save them or not it appears.

I AM TOTALLY CONFUSED NOW. just done 9 models my way.

As I wish to get better detail, exactly what are the steps I should be following ?


General / Variable density of polygons to suit surface ?
« on: August 12, 2022, 10:10:50 PM »
It strikes me that its wrong to choose ultra high to get the detail of items that sit on an otherwise smooth or slightly undulating surfaces. Take a vintage tractor, many smooth areas such as bonnet, sides, wheel hubs and rims, tyre sides (except for the lettering) cab structure, etc, with fasteners, wiring, and more detailed components showing lower on the sides, tread, axle joints etc.

How can one choose a setting to see a low poly count get used on smooth and a high poly count on detail.

I choose ultra high and get far more than I need, decimate attacks ALL polys and I lose the detail.

This is a fundamental need of the entire process and world of meshes AND EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

How is this achieved, as I take the mesh into Rhino3D and its like wading through molasses, hellishly slow, when most of it doesnt need that density at all.

At times unworkable due to the speed hit, all for the detail parts I need on that tractor for example and I am looking at areas with far to many polys for what they need.

I dont see vids on this, everyone is doing rocks and aerial photos and fossils it seems.


General / unable to see the thread I just replied to
« on: August 12, 2022, 03:22:44 PM »

I replied to this yet its not visible under general>masking which is the address is shows whilst doing so.

I expect to see a post called masking in the general section but nothing shows.

so as such no one especially Alexey will see it.

having thousands of views it was proving useful especially awaiting the answers.


we all know those areas that look like the base board has a snow drift up to the model, covered in texture thats gone blurred.

I have a metal object photographed on a table. laid on its side then standing upright, so  have two chunks 1. top and sides, 2. underside and sides,

can I just go ahead and merge chunks, after first bringing them into the relationship they are, which in effect will see them intertwined with each other, and expect merge chunks to remove the not so good bits, or do I have to trim off the parts the other chunk will provide and repeat such trimming on the second chunk ?

What is the correct way ?


General / when using mesh from depth maps deleted areas reappear
« on: August 11, 2022, 10:26:24 PM »
Metashape 1.8.2
I like to tidy up the model, when after align photos I delete the base its sitting on for example, currently a newspaper is my victim !
I am using mesh from Depth maps to see if its better, HOWEVER the base (newspaper) keeps reappearing.

It is NOT POSSIBLE to delete an unwanted base a model sits on, when using workflow ' mesh from depth maps' is my conclusion.

Am I right ?

surely we dont want that tedious time spent erasing up to the model to be wasted,  what is the solution to this ?


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