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Dear Alexey,

When aligning chunks, is it possible to choose which markers you want to use for the alignment? The current functionality assumes you use all available markers. But I would like to use a subset.

This would be a helpful feature for a future release if it's not currently possible. At the moment I am having to delete all markers that I don't want for the alignment. But it would be better not to have to do this.


I'm currently trying to create a marker group and then assign markers to the group using Python.

I can create a marker group using:

mGroup = PhotoScan.MarkerGroup

I then try assigning a marker to the group from my list of markers:

chunk.markers[0].group = mGroup

and the following error is returned:

TypeError: expected  PhotoScan.MarkerGroup object

But mGroup IS a marker group object!

To try and work out what was wrong, I manually created a marker group in the GUI. I then was able to identify that group using:

grp = chunk.marker_groups[0].

And then using:

chunk.markers[0].group = grp

works as expected, and the marker is added to the marker group folder.

I think the issue is that when you run

mGroup = PhotoScan.MarkerGroup

it is then unclear how you then go on to make use of mGroup. For example, how do you assign the marker group to a chunk - as you can do easily in the GUI? Because if you can do that, the next step should then work fine.

Any help much appreciated.

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