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Meselfie :
We are a professional in developing the 3D technologies 3D Scan based devices which are very compatible for a figurine printing to get a good quality of 3D Prints.

Some of our 3D Scan based Mobile Kiosks :
1) Smart Clone Kiosk
2) Spin Clone Kiosk 
3) Professional Clone Kiosk 
4) As per your requirement we give you the 3D solution with a reasonable prices

Support: We support you in the 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, 3D Designing, Training, Installations

Compact Mobile Kiosk : Our 3d Scan based devices are compact are moveable like plug and play to install it in a commercial places like shopping malls, cinema theaters, Photo Studios, airports, bus stops, any crowd place to get a good business

Hire a Kiosk: You can hire a 3D Kiosks for a events like Birthday Party, Marriages, Exhibitions...

For 3D kiosk systems there no need to operate any person , customers can directly interact with the kiosk its a user friendly devices, you can concentrate on 3D business we give you the all back-end support for your needs   

*Low investment with a good profits

*100% Customer satisfaction

* Order today to get a special discounts

Please visit our website for more details
Thank You

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