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General / Version 1.3.1 100% CPU and 100% GPU whoaaa
« on: April 08, 2017, 07:24:18 PM »
So I installed 1.3.1. after having had bad experiences with the famous error at line 67 which forced me to go back to 1.2.6. Version 1.2.6 kept my GPU only 40-45% busy and saw a lot of perfcap due to vrel and thrm. Vrel means the GPU slows down because voltage goes up to much and thrm means the GPU reached it max-temp.

Version 1.3.1. seems to be so much better it just runs my CPU and GPU at a full 100%. Actually the GPU is running an average of 97%.
Now it is vrel and pwr that are the perfcap reasons, no longer thrm. So cooling is ok but maybe my power supply is being asked for more it can deliver? It is 800 W so I would think it can handle one Nvidia GTX Titan from about four years ago which has a TDP of 250W. It specs says you need to put it in a computer with at least 600 w powersupply

The motherboard is a asus saubertooth x79 with a intel i7 3930K and 64 GB. I have many external harddisk, but most of them have their own powersupply

I would like to know what you think of  the picture below together with the above specs, what should I invest in?   A larger the powersupply?  One with 1000 of 1200 watt (to get more out of the Titan or to support a new (second) GPU).

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