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I am running Agisoft Metashap Version 1.6.4 build 10928 (64bit).

I have DSLR images and associated PPK image reference file (.csv format). When I import photos into a chunk I am unable to import the csv to assign location information to those images. When under the reference tab I choose the 'import refrence' button I am able to select the csv with but then nothing happens. The import csv dialog will not open. The console log reports:

2020-09-21 12:02:16 ImportReference: format = ReferenceFormatMavinci, path = C:/Users/NAD(83)-6318.csv
2020-09-21 12:02:16 Finished processing in 0.001 sec (exit code 1)

I assume the problem is that it is looking for a file formatted for Mavinci. I am not aware of a place to change this setting or how this would have been set (I have never used the Mavinci software or loaded any Mavinci files on this computer or any other). Why is this happening and how can I change this so that I am able to load a standard csv?

I have a second computer running the demo version of Agisoft Metashape 1.6.0 build 9925 (64bit). In the reference tab, when I click on 'import reference' the import csv dialog comes up and I am able to successfully reference the images. On this version the console reports:

2020-09-21 12:39:09 ImportReference: path = C:/Users/NAD(83)-6318.csv
2020-09-21 12:39:09 Finished processing in 0.004 sec (exit code 1)

General / GCP's and very high error values
« on: October 06, 2017, 04:45:35 AM »
I have run a dataset referenced with 3 GCP's. I used the exif geographic information to align the photos then entered the 3 GCP's. I unchecked the photos and for the rest of the workflow the GCP's were used as the geographic reference. I am seeing very high error values attached to the images as you can see from the attached screenshot (ie. 131970+ meters).

I have compared my GCP coordinates with an earlier previously produced orthomosaic (georeferenced using only the image exif data) in GIS software. They are quite close- generally within 1m. When I compare the GCP georeferenced orthomosaic with the exif georeferenced orthomosaic in GIS they are also quite close as expected.

Since things check out for me I am confused as to where this large error value is coming from. Am I missing something critical here? Can you explain what this value is?

Thanks very much!

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