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General / Change default CRS shift settings?
« on: July 16, 2019, 05:18:25 PM »

The coordinates of the CRS I use are too big to export in a binary format, so I always apply a global shift to my exported dense clouds and models. This shift is constant for my work area, so I can conveniently remember the number in my head. I recently found the "Load Defaults" button close to the shift settings, which gives reasonable numbers, but varies from the setting I normally use.

Is there any way of changing this setting? If not, it would be an incredibly useful feature!

Attached is a screenshot of it.

Kind regards,


I just tried to project markers and point shapes on an imported point cloud, and saw that it didn't work. I also noticed that neither markers nor shapes can be projected in the regular Model view. Is this a hard fix?

The context to what I tried is to use old aligned images, and digitise features in them onto a DEM (converted to a point cloud). Sadly that doesn't seem to work... Orthophotos generation and digitising in QGIS works, which is what I will do now,  but doing it in PhotoScan would be much quicker!


Bug Reports / Error using Refine Mesh in the latest build
« on: January 05, 2018, 04:55:42 PM »
I just encountered a bug with the new Refine Mesh using version 1.4.0 build 5650, where I can't seem to use it on a higher quality than Low. I have a project with 121 images (12Mpx, 8bit, LZW compressed TIFF's), and I'm running refinement on a mesh with 491 814 faces. Mesh refinement works on the low setting, raising the face count to 638 675 faces. If I try it on Medium, it shows the progress bar, until it finishes at 100% and then gives two error messages:

Code: [Select]
Analyzing mesh detalization...

2018-01-05 13:23:40 Warning: cudaStreamDestroy failed: unknown error (30)

2018-01-05 13:23:40 Finished processing in 112.946 sec (exit code 0)

2018-01-05 13:23:40 Error: Kernel failed: unknown error (30) at line 150

If I try on High, the error message comes up immediately. I've tried reloading the program several times and restarting my system.

I used the Refine Mesh tool the day before yesterday on the last experimental build (5585?) and it worked fine.

Attached is a log of the work flow: Load project, Refine Mesh (Low), Duplicate mesh, Refine Mesh (Medium) and a subsequent error.

I hope it helps, and that the error can be fixed.

I'm very interested in the new fiducial support, as it greatly reduces the effort of using analog imagery. I can however not make it work completely, as marker placement seems non-functional.

If I use the images separately as non-analog, the marker placement works (as bad as it does without fiducials). If I specify the fiducials and place a marker, it ends up on the other side of the solar system. Below is an example of an estimated coordinate I get, from a point added through the sparse point cloud:

East 8 144 283.304 m
North: 13 169 867.186 m
Altitude: 7 982 093 517.095 m

The pixel error is also massive, at 2895.922.

My suspicion is that the internal coordinate system produced by fiducial placement is wrong, creating invalid marker projections and therefore the position. The fiducials I have in the same project are:

X,Y in millimeters, with the focal length: 152.83 mm
Upper left: -106.073, 105.904
Upper right: 105.919, 106.098
Lower right: 106.06, -105.902
Lower left: -105.906, -106.099

I've tried it in several projects, and with different X and Y directions (positive X or negative X etc.). I've also tried the calibrate fiducials tool with no change.

Reproducing the problem is as easy as importing the images, placing fiducials, calibrating them, aligning the images and then placing a marker in the point cloud.

I would love to have the tool working, but evidently it's clearly not!

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