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Bug Reports / Tie Points = Great! Dense Cloud = Super BAD!
« on: December 03, 2017, 08:37:33 PM »

I'm trying Photoscan on a rock with a total of 44 photo done on a cloudy day.

When I align photos, I get a great Tie Points result that look exactly like the rock. Only 2 photos were not aligned.  But when I build the Dense Cloud, the result is a bit exploded. 

I've tried different Depth Filtering but the result is always the same.

One odd thing I noticed is that the alignement (Tie Points) was done using the mask I did manually within Photoscan but the dense cloud looks like it did not use the masks. You can see on the dense cloud the white pole I used to hold the rock but that I masked out.

I'm using Agisoft PhotoScan Standard Version 1.3.4 build 5067 (64bit).  I've got an i7, 32Gb ram and a gtx 1070.

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