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General / Ruler tool on 2D photo
« on: April 21, 2021, 06:12:14 PM »

We have aligned 360 degree panoramas together (many panoramas taken very close to each other) and the results are really good. We have given the model real world coordinates from known locations around the scene (accurate XYZ points known from pre-existing model).

Recently found that you can use the 'ruler' function to check measurements whilst viewing the panoramic photograph, rather than the point cloud - this is sometimes easier to see what you are clicking on.

My question is - how does Metashape know the XYZ location of the points you are clicking? (I see the XYZ is shown when clicking the first ruler point) Is it just using the tie points behind the image - if so, would the ruler function work better (more accurate) once a dense point cloud has been created, rather than the initial alignment?

I hope that made sense!


General / Straightening spherical using Agisoft output
« on: September 09, 2020, 01:19:20 PM »
Hi there,

Was wondering if it was possible to use the post alignment rotation calculations to straighten a spherical image?

Dataset consists of multiple spherical cameras aligned together and given coordinates through known ground points (XYZ).

I see that yaw, pitch and roll are calculated in Agisoft, and can see that Agisoft displays that the sphericals are not quite straight due to the horizontal line in each spherical being squint. I was wondering if I could use any of the information generated by Agisoft to straighten these panoramas after alignment, rather than doing each image manually.

I have tried using the straight Yaw est (°), Pitch est (°), and Roll est (°) in hugin but they are not correct.

Image attached of a spherical camera being displayed as not quite level.

Any help appreciated!

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