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Dear Community,

with the new version of Agisoft Metashape it is now even easier to integrate a multi-camera system.

But how does the correct parameterization work?

I have a stereo camera system of which I know the relative orientation from a calibration process. The left camera is the origin of my system. From the right camera I know the translation as well as the rotation in all three spatial axes related to the left camera.

The values are:
TX: -0.104792 m
TY: -0.004861 m
TZ: 0.004516 m
omega: -0.706689 deg
kappa: -0.732511 deg
phi -0.182933 deg

How do I enter the values in the dialog box? So that I include this relative calibration as fixed in the evaluation?

Thank you very much for the help and in advance for helpful answers.

All the best

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