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Python and Java API / Finish half-processed Projects via API
« on: March 19, 2022, 09:24:33 PM »
I've got a bunch of projects where we did the data import and geo-tagging manually and I would like to do the DEM and Orthomosaic via API, as it is less clicking than the batch method. I can re-open and re-save a half-finished project with the my code, but afterwards it gets stuck.
I was wondering whether this is possible, since all the codes I have reviewed in the forum start with importing the photos and forming the chunks, whereas I already have my photos aligned in one chunk. I keep getting error messages related to the chunk and the data source.

Thank you

General / Remove Calibrate Reflectance
« on: January 07, 2019, 04:03:17 PM »

I used "calibtrate reflectance" with sun sensor and the reflectance panels on my agisoft projects (camera: Micasense Red Edge M). However, I would like to export an orthomosaic with sun sensor calibrated only. Is there a possibility to remove the calibration? Do I have to start the whole project all over?

Thank you for your answers

Hi all

We were generating a point cloud out of a large number of photos (+2000) and during this process the computer crashed.
As I read in the manual page 35 ("saving intermediate results"), agisoft saves intermediate steps.

Can I restart the dense point cloud from these intermediate results instead of making an entierely new point cloud?

How can I reload these intermediate steps?

Thank you

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