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Bug Reports / metashape vs photoscan coordinates systems
« on: May 27, 2019, 12:26:22 PM »
hello all

previously when transforming fro WSG84 to Irenet95 ITM the results where exactly correct compared to the official transformation tool provided by OSI

Since the update to meta-shape 1.5.2 there is an error in the easting northing after translating

I originally thought is was an error with the addition of the custom datum, malin head, but this has been resolved and is not the cause, that link is here

I may be related to the issue here, possibly

We have tried and tried, downloaded the geoid, making .prj files, and we still have no solution

We have drones that geotag photos using rtk, accuracy less than 20mm, an we would like to transform the coordinates into the correct Irish Transverse Mercator, with Malin Head Datum, before aligning them

Even after the downloading of the goeid model osgb36_osgm15.tif there is no improvement, still the tranformed coordinates are off by maybe 50 meter in height

Can some help us please??

General / Filter Images by Markers not working
« on: December 21, 2018, 07:30:45 PM »
Using version

Filter by marker does not work, I have tried all this
Filter image by anything(point )

Pinning three of the markers by hand in 3 images each
and making a low poly mesh from sparse pointcloud

project contains 1480 images flown with Sensefly camera, image have gps data, image errors in excess of one meter using gps data, gps data was rtk linked for accuracy
, flow in high wind, missing or blurry images excluded from project

Sometimes when pinnigng gcps, coordnate system for markers woulf rest to wsg84, marker collected in itm(EPSG Code: 2157)

Any Ideas?

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