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Hi @Alex Pasumansky,

When trying to refine a mesh, I keep running into this error: Kernel failed: invalid device pointer (17) at line 99.

As I suspected it could have to do with the Nvidia drivers for the two RTX 2080 cards in the workstation, I tried both
- Studio driver v472.12
- Game ready driver v496.13
Both to no avail.

Also tried to run with only 1 RTX 2080. All in vain.

Machine is Windows 10, dual Xeon E5-2678 v3 @2.50 GHz, 128 GB RAM.
Agisoft version is 1.7.5 build 13229 64bit

Last lines in the log file:
2021-10-22 19:25:02 Stage #2 out of 2
2021-10-22 19:25:03 Faces: 4832973, Vertices: 2418981
2021-10-22 19:25:03 Memory required on each device: 57 Mb + 1013 Mb = 1071 Mb
2021-10-22 19:25:03 Subdividing mesh...
2021-10-22 19:25:55 Faces: 15424940, Vertices: 7715781
2021-10-22 19:25:55 Memory required on each device: 258 Mb + 3236 Mb = 3494 Mb
2021-10-22 19:25:56 Using device 'NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080' in concurrent. (1 times)
2021-10-22 19:25:56 Loading photos...
2021-10-22 19:25:57 Finished processing in 295.559 sec (exit code 0)
2021-10-22 19:25:57 Error: Kernel failed: invalid device pointer (17) at line 99

Please inform me how to solve this error.

Although I searched this forum before posting, I must have overlooked this post that solved the issue by switching to OpenGL.

Kind regards,

General / Baffling camera alignment PhotoScan 1.2.3 vs MetaShape 1.5.4
« on: September 20, 2019, 04:19:00 PM »
Hi there,

Because I have some trouble getting camera's well aligned in a project of around 300 camera's (sandy dunes with sparse vegetation as main subject) I am experimenting around to get the best results.

So I looked back in the archives to find PhotoScan 1.2.3 and installed it back.
I loaded the photo's (which come without GPS info) and got really nice alignment (40'000 - 4'000). Min/max error 0.184/0.677.
Project was then saved.

So I decided out of curiosity to just open the saved project in MetaShape 1.5.4.
To my utter suprise the camera errors reported now are terrible: min/max error 0.797/2.722

That is without having done anything to the saved project with just the camera's aligned. I cannot believe my eyes!

Does anyone know what's going on here?
I do know about the reports from the community about poor alignment performance in MS, that's what made me revert to PS in the first place.

Looking forward to your opinions,


Hi there,

Quite novice to Metashape and trying some features I ran into this problem:

I have a small project with sandy structure. Pictures are taken with drone and quite good quality camera (Sony Alpha) (70% and 80% overlap).

When I try to build a dense cloud, a rather unstructured/distorted surface emerges from pictures that show more or less flat sandy surface. The distortions are both above and under the actual surface.
The DEM will be equally rough when generated, whereas I know and see on the photo's that the surface should be nice and flat.

I tried cleaning and shaving the sparse cloud and camera optimizations but it doesn't seem to help.

Is there something I am missing or is the standard workflow (from manual. I tried both aggressive and mild depth filtering) inappropriate? Or is there a way to edit or accomodate for the phenomenon?

image_1 = dense cloud
image_2 = one original photo


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