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Python and Java API / Python Scripts for Network Processing
« on: April 09, 2019, 01:52:38 PM »
Dear all,

we are setting up a cluster for network processing large UAV (mostly POI and Nadir) datasets in a cluster of Dell linux workstations. I can hardly find any code snippets for a python script that starts the processing on the job coordination server. I have three Nodes and one coordination server running already and sending jobs from the GUI is no problem but processing from a python routine would be much more efficient. Is there anywhere a FAQ available? the Python Metashape Manual is hardly showing the full "task" syntax here. Needed is the full processing from Alignment, Matching, DepthMaps, Dense Cloud, DSM , Ortho and las export.

This snippet seams to be a start:

import Metashape
client = Metashape.NetworkClient()
chunk =
task1 = Metashape.NetworkTask() = ‚MatchPhotos‘
task1.downscale = 2
task1.params[‚keypoint_limit‘] = 40000
client = Metashape.NetworkClient()
path = „project.psx“
batch_id = client.createBatch(path, [task1])

Any ideas are welcome.  Kind regards! Sören

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