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I noticed a more than 2 m shift on X in my final EPSG31700 (Stereografic 1970) after converting measured control points with Metashape V1.5.2 build 7838.
I also noticed 20 cm on Z difference.
I checked with a GNSS who offers the results in Stereo70 and i got about 2.11 m offset between it and Agisoft transform of WGS84 to Stereo70/EPSG31700.
I double checked with online app who transform WGS Lat& Long to Stereo, link below, and i got exactly 2.12 m shift on West
You may use the app called TransDatRO to check the transform.
Note than ETRS89 and WGS84 have the same Lat, Long and height for Romania.
Picture below shows the difference between measurements of the same points with different GNSS, straight in Stereo70 and transformed through Agisoftt Metashape.

ps. i own a student licence of Metashape Agisoft.

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