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Hello, I am currently running into a major issue in v1.7.0 where tie points / key points are not being generated through the API.

I'm testing on a well-captured, 37 image project. Here is the code I am running.

import Metashape
doc =
chunk = doc.chunk

chunk.matchPhotos() #Tried with multiple parameter sets with no success
chunk.alignCameras() #Tried with multiple parameter sets with no success

All cameras and GPS data have been successfully uploaded to the project, so I didn't include the set up for that in the code above.

The problem is that while matchPhotos() and alignCameras() run without error, they do not generate any tie points. This is despite the fact that when running alignment through the GUI, >20,000 tie points are generated.

Is this a known bug for 1.7.0? If not, is there an extra step needed to generate sparse clouds in 1.7.0 that didn't exist in previous versions? I can't find any documentation about this issue in either the api manual or the forum

General / Blending Modes for generating orthomosaics
« on: November 07, 2019, 09:28:52 PM »
Can anyone provide me with more information on the blending modes for generating orthomosaics? Specifically, how is the high frequency component weighted against  pixel values from all other images in average blending mode? Is this weight standard or does it change project to project?

I'm also wondering how the default mosaic blending mode works.

The manual reads:
Mosaic (default) - implements approach with data division into several frequency domains
which are blended independently. The highest frequency component is blended along the seamline
only, each further step away from the seamline resulting in a less number of domains being subject
to blending.

From my understanding, "high frequency domains" refer to the fine-detail component of a group of images, and the "lower frequency domains" are the larger segments across seam lines that have less fine detail. I'm assuming the photos are first blended within their domain, then the domains are blended together at different steps away from the seam line.

I feel like this is an incomplete/ mistaken interpretation, so any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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