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Camera Calibration / Camera calibration
« on: November 12, 2019, 03:27:04 PM »
Hi Everyone, I sent this message before but I think it has been deleted.

I did a 1km per 500m survey in a very flat area with a DJI-Phantom 3 Pro.

The problem is that when processing the information with Agisoft Metashape the results are somewhat bad.

Altimetrically it deforms the model like a parabola, with differences of up to 10m in heights, when in fact on the ground the altimetric differences do not exceed 1m.

I was reading in this and other forums, I also read publications about it and everything indicates that the problem is due to the lack of camera calibration.

I tried unsuccessfully to calibrate the lens (within the Agisoft software) and calibrate the camera, the results change, but they do not improve substantially.

They could help me with this issue?

From already thank you very much.
Best regards

Здравствуйте, я новичок в этом.

Я провел опрос 1 км x 500 м с DJI-Phantom 3 Pro, и при обработке информации с помощью Agisoft-Metashape он генерирует ЦМР. У меня проблемы с альтиметрией, он описывает искривленную местность до 10 м альтиметрических различий, хотя на самом деле местность очень ровная и перепады высот не превышают 1м.

Я думаю, что ошибка в калибровке объектива, я попытался откалибровать и перенастроить, но у меня нет улучшений.

Как я мог сделать, чтобы улучшить это?
Большое спасибо, С уважением!

General / Deformation Curved Terrain
« on: November 11, 2019, 03:15:10 PM »
Hello, I'm new at this.

I did a 1km x 500m survey with a DJI-Phantom 3 Pro, and when processing the information with Agisoft-Metashape it generates a DEM I have problems in altimetry, it describes a curved terrain of up to 10m of altimetric differences, when in fact the terrain is very flat and the height differences do not exceed 1m.

I think the error is in the calibration of the lens, I tried recalibrating and reconfiguring but I have no improvements.

How could I do to improve it?
Thank you very much, Regards!

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