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General / reset selected cameras removes tie points
« on: April 08, 2021, 07:08:33 AM »

This might sound like a stupid comment, but after performing a camera alignment, if I select the cameras, right-click, and choose "reset select "reset camera alignment" all of my tie points are removed. It used to be that when I chose this option, I would keep the tie points and could align the selected cameras again. This cut down a ton of reprocessing time because I already had the tie points.

I'm not sure if this is a version issue, but I recently updated to 1.7.2.

Is there a workaround, where I can make adjustments to the model parameters/gcps/whatever, reset the alignment (but keep tie points), and then realign the cameras? I like to make several chunks and try out different things, and if I have to start from scratch every time, it takes a really long time.

Feature Requests / batch editing for camera calibration groups
« on: July 01, 2020, 04:26:35 AM »
Hi, I've been using high-res scans of historical aerial photos and would love to see a couple of changes in a future version of Agisoft. It's possible I just haven't discovered the solution for some of these and they already exist, so sorry if that's the case.

Camera calibration dialogue box:

     - Batch selection of calibration groups for editing: photos get split into many groups with scanned images even if they’re the same survey set because scans may have a slightly different number of pixels. It would be helpful to be able to select all the groups to edit variables that are the same, like focal length, fiducial names/labels and coordinates, etc. If I try to mass-edit the information by selecting multiple groups at once and adding information it causes the program to freeze for a while.
     - The problem mentioned above is fine for checking the “film camera with fiducial marks” box, I can select all the groups and check that box and then run the auto-detect for fiducial.
     - Separate the auto-detect of image border masking from the fiducial recognition in case fiducial types aren't recognized, but the mask extent is.
     - Some fiducial types aren’t supported, such as "dot" fiducials in the center of the image borders (e.g., top, bottom, left, right). For example, from for Zeiss RMK cameras.

I am using coded target scale bars to control model scale and geometry. I am running several different models with the same photo set to test changes in accuracy with different scales.  I am using the check point markers to understand model differences.

General workflow: align photos, find coded targets, create scale bars, update and optimize cameras, add markers as check points.

The check point coordinates (local coordinates) show up as soon at I place them, but if I adjust the location in any other projections, the coordinates do not change. If I move the original marker I placed, the coordinates don’t change. If I change the scale bars and re-optimize, the coordinates don’t update. If I keep the check point markers and realign the model from scratch, the coordinates don’t update.

Is there any way to verify that the coordinates are accurate? I seems they’re pulling XYZ from a single photo’s estimated location. I’m using Metashape 1.5.1

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