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General / Issue with Texture stitching
« on: March 26, 2020, 10:21:38 PM »
In last time I got more and more problems with my generated textures.
looks like that the camera calibration or texture processing is not correct working. Some of the photos are to dark and generate problematic terrace effects.

Strange is that my camera and MS standard settings was working since 3 months:

Camera mode: manual with fixed aperture, iso, shutter etc.

Any ideas?

Bug Reports / Incorrect Alembic export from Metashape ?
« on: February 27, 2020, 05:41:52 PM »
luckily the alembic format is a fast export format for highpoly models.

I experimented with it and saw unfortunatly that the meshes at 100mio+ polygons have a incorrect structure or something is wrong (polygon normals?) It is only visible in the normalmaps, shading and AO Pass. Depthmaps are looks ok and the mesh in open GL mode too. (cinema 4d /corona render)

With decimated meshes like 30mio there is not this issue.

Is there a bug in the alembic export from metashape?
Would be happy to use this format right. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for a hint!?

Metashape 1.6.1 standard/pro  -windows.

Hello folks,
one more question from my side for texture building workflows:

I want to have the task "Texture type"(ao,normal occlusion) and "source data" in my batch processing workflow.

 I'm blind or there is only a manual walkthrough? Can't find it in the batch options... ::)

What I exactly plan to do is in theory following:
1.Build highres mesh like 500mio polygons from depth
2. bake textures from this hq mesh to normal and ao - to get the detailed mesh informations
3. decimate mesh to 99mio for better handling (keep uvs)
4. get hopefully a 99mio mesh with normal/occlussion maps from the 500mio poly mesh (source data thing?)

I read in the manual that should be possible:

"Source data
Images - allow to build a color texture map (diffuse map) based on the aligned images of the model
or transferred from another model with already generated color texture map.

3D model !: - the normal and occlusion texture maps can be built based on another model and the
relief of the model specified in the Source data field will be transferred to the current model. Usually
it is recommended to use the more detailed model as a source data for the Normal and Occlusion map
generation for the 3D model with the lower polygon count. Normal map option will not be available
in the Source data field, if less than two 3D model instances are present in the active chunk."

How I can realize it with a batch workflow? possible?
(using standard edition)

Thanks in advance!  :)

General / Generate and export only depth maps as greyscale images
« on: February 11, 2020, 12:05:02 AM »
Hello folks,
is there a way to generate only depthmaps (greyscale 16bit) from my aligned photoset or I have the build everytime a mesh?

My goal is to create displacement maps from my photosets for a texture workflow.... I ask myself if I have to go always the way to generate a highpolymesh and render the depth map later in other 3d tools again, but when I have it already in MS before !?

I work with the standard edition.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

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